Reader’s Question – How do I boost my state pension?

1 min read Published: 22 Oct 2010
Filomena Scalise /


I retired last July 2010 and I am on a reduced state pension. Will I be entitled to any more?

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My answer:

I’m assuming you are not talking about the annual increase in the value of your pension which is made to limit the affects of inflation on. So on that basis is there any way to boost your state pension already in payment? The answer is yes.

Throughout your working life you pay National Insurance Contributions (NICS) from your income which effectively determines the level of state pension you will receive in retirement.  If you have not built up sufficient NICs you will receive a reduced state pension. However, you may be able to pay voluntary contributions to improve your basic state pension. Under current rules, dependant upon your circumstances, you may be able to pay up to an additional 6 years of voluntary contributions to cover years going back as far as 1975, given certain qualifying criteria.

To find out more read the Department of Work and Pensions leaflet How to increase your State Pension if you reach State Pension age between 6 April 2010 and 5 April 2015.

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