Top tips for selling on eBay

1 min Read Published: 23 Aug 2012

Selling unwanted stuff on eBay is always a good way to add a few pounds to the family kitty and, who knows, could one day turn into a full-time business. So here are my top tips for selling on eBay.

Take good photos

Buyers love to see photos, so make them good quality and show the item from various angles. This is your shop window and if  you don't take care over presentation the potential bidders will look elsewhere.

Do some research

Before listing a product search for similar products and follow the bidding process. This will give some idea of the potential interest in your item and the likely selling price.

Understand delivery costs

Make sure you understand the cost of delivery and add this into the minimum price. You may want to consider getting buyers to collect bulky items as this will keep the cost down.

Take time writing the description

Imagine you are composing an advert for the item and make sure you include all the features and a detailed description. If there is damage to the item describe this in detail so that potential buyers will know what the condition is before they bid. Do not try to fob buyers off with damaged goods as this will only effect your feedback and ability to sell in the future. Also use the 'Buy it now' option which may attract a purchaser ahead of the bidding.

Setting the auction time

I think it's best to end an auction around 9pm on a Friday or Saturday as more potential bidders will be available when things start to hot up. Make sure you monitor the bidding yourself to answer any last minute questions, as well as respond to the winning bid.

Payment method

Make sure you set up your Paypal account prior to listing as this is the quickest and safest option for payment. I would discourage payment by cheque.


It is vital that you carefully package items to avoid damage in transit. Describe how you will package items in the description so that buyers will feel reassured of safe delivery.


Make sure this is done promptly and accurately as any errors in name or address can affect feedback and future sales.


To be successful at selling on eBay does take time to get it right. Using the above tips won't necessarily ensure a sale but they will certainly improve your chances, and who knows you may get the eBay bug.
Good Luck!