Which Premier League club’s season ticket gives the best value for money?

1 min Read Published: 12 Aug 2010

Which Premiership club’s season ticket gives the best value for money?

Whether you like it or not money infiltrates every part of our lives, even the beautiful game is not safe. With the new football season almost upon us Liam, in his first post for Money to the Masses, looks at which Premier League club offers season ticket holders the best value for money…..

There is an interesting article in Four Four Two magazine this week which compares the season ticket prices of all the Premiership clubs for the coming season. Arsenal fans must be a “well heeled” bunch as their top price season ticket comes out at a staggering £1,825!

If you assume that’s for 19 home games with a couple of cup games thrown in then this works out at a credit card melting £86 per game!!!Yes, I hear you Arsenal fans shouting, what about our luxurious stadium, our slick passing football and all the trophies we’ve won (excluding the last 5 years of course!) and the genius who is Arsene Wenger.?

So to bring perspective to these prices I decided to analyse each team on a value per point basis. It would seem fair to me that if your team are producing the goods on the field then you would expect to pay more and vice versa.

So who is the team that gives the best value for money, when you divide the price of the dearest season ticket by the number of home points gained in the season?

Is it the table topping performance of Chelsea?

Is it the Red Devils?

Or the Anfield boys?

Well no none of these - the answer is Blackburn Rovers!

Pardon? Yes Sam’s Blue & White army only charge a measly £11 for every home point won. Yes, you shout but the football’s ….

Stop it! We’re talking value for money here not the quality of the football.

Blackburn are closely followed by Wigan Athletic & Man City in the value stakes.

Who is the team that give the least value for money?


Well, you “Gooners” need to demand more from your club as they provide the worst value in the Premiership. Oh well, at least you won something a few years back.

So, I know you can’t change the team you support, it’s just not done, but you could put pressure on your club via fans forums etc to either bring down the price of tickets or demand that the team pull their fingers out on the pitch.

Below is the full value for money table excluding relegated teams: