1 min read 06 May 2010
 Today is all about the Election and until the result is announced it pretty much feels like the whole nation is on hold. So in a similar vain today's post is simply a reminder for you to use your democratic right to vote (polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm...

1 min read 06 Apr 2010
This blog has been running for 2 months now and my enthusiasm for what I am doing has not diminished. I’d like to think that readers have not only found my posts informative and educational but they have also saved some money along the way. If you agree with any...

1 min read 30 Mar 2010
Anyone that has an iPhone will know how useful some apps can be.  However with the rush of developers trying to get rich quick by making their own apps, quite often you are faced with trying 10 rubbish apps before you find a decent one. Price or number of downloads...

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