Money worries affecting our health and relationships

1 min read Published: 18 Feb 2010

More than a third of people are so worried about their finances the stress is affecting their health and relationships, a survey has shown.

One in five people admitted they did not feel in control of their finances and 12% said their money worries had become a real burden.

This story highlights the very reason why I decided to write this blog.  More and more people are struggling with their finances largely because they don't have the confidence, knowledge or time to deal with them. However, the symptoms of this, namely the sleepless night, strained relationships etc won't go away until the underlying problem is resolved.

If you read the news story, the quote attributed to psychologist David Moxon....

"Getting yourself financially healthy takes time, dedication and commitment just as it would to get fit in the gym, but the long term benefits are equally as important."

... could almost be the tag line for this very blog. I haven drawn a similar analogy myself previously (see the 'about page').  That's why I'm trying to help people one step at a time otherwise people will give up before they get going and continue to bury their heads in the sand!

So spread the word!