Tesco reducing its Clubcard Rewards – Act now or lose out

2 min Read Published: 07 Jun 2023

Tesco is reducing its Clubcard Rewards from June – find out moreTesco vouchers can be redeemed against a number of Reward Partner deals including days out, restaurant meals and trips abroad, however, the value of these rewards are set to be reduced. From 14th June 2023, Vouchers can only be redeemed with Rewards Partners at double their value, a significant reduction when compared to the existing offer of 3x their value. The announcement comes as another blow to Tesco customers after Tesco announced in February that some of its Tesco Mobile customers could expect mid-contract price hikes in April of this year.

In this article, we explain the changes to the Tesco Clubcard Rewards as well as how to maximise your existing rewards. We also compare Tesco Clubcard to alternate supermarket reward schemes.

What's changing to the Tesco Clubcard Rewards?

From 14th June 2023, Tesco has announced that its Clubcard vouchers will only be worth 2x their value compared to their existing 3x value when redeemed with partner retailers. Tesco Mobile and Tesco Delivery Saver vouchers will remain at their existing 1x value amount. At present, 1,000 points would mean vouchers are worth £10, which can then be redeemed at a partner retailer with a value of £30. However, from 14th June, Tesco vouchers will only be worth £20 when redeemed at a partner retailer.

Therefore, those looking to maximise their Tesco Clubcard points will need to redeem their vouchers with a partner retailer by 13th June 2023. Tesco has however stated that it is extending the validity period of vouchers, meaning that voucher codes for partner retailers would have a 12-month validity period, rather than 6 months.

Additionally, those earning Clubcard points on fuel will see a change as Clubcard rewards are reducing to 1 point earned for every 2 litres of fuel compared to the existing offer of 1 point for every £2 spent.

What about my existing Tesco Clubcard Rewards?

Existing Tesco Clubcard Reward Partner codes will not be affected by the reward scheme change and are still valid until their expiry date at 3x their value. If you are unsure as to when the code is due to expire, this can be found within the 'My Rewards' section of the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app or on the email when you were sent the code.

Why are the Tesco Clubcard Rewards being reduced?

On its website, Tesco says: "We’re making this change to the scheme to make sure we can continue to provide a wide range of rewards that meet the needs of all our Tesco Clubcard members, while keeping prices low for everyone. Tesco Clubcard continues to have the biggest and most generous Reward Partner scheme with access to over 100 Partners at 2x your Clubcard voucher value."

How to sign up to Tesco Clubcard

Clubcard points can be earned when making a number of purchases at Tesco including food, fuel and clothing both in-store and online. Clubcard holders can also benefit from a number of exclusive deals. You can register online to sign up for a Tesco Clubcard or you can download the Tesco app.

How to earn Tesco Clubcard points

The following table explains the different ways in which you can collect Clubcard points. Not all purchases (such as tobacco products) are eligible for points.

Purchase type  Spend  Points earned 
In-store/online £1 1
Tesco fuel* £2 1
Tesco Mobile £1 1
Tesco Bank credit card £4 in Tesco and £8 elsewhere 1 (in addition to usual Clubcard points)
Tesco Clubcard Pay+ £1 in Tesco and £8 elsewhere 1
F&F £1 1
Tesco Cafe £1 1
Esso £3 1
Delivery Saver £1 1
Tesco surveys 15-minute survey 25
Tesco Pharmacy £1 1
Waves hand car wash £1 1
Shopper Thoughts 5-minute survey 25
Inkjet recycling Recycle empty cartridges Up to 125
Tesco Photo £1 1
International calling £1 1

*reducing to 1 point for every 2 litres of fuel from 14th June

Alternative supermarket reward schemes

Tesco isn't the only supermarket that offers a loyalty scheme and if you shop at a number of supermarkets each month you should check to see if you are missing out on earning rewards with each supermarket scheme. Our article, 'Which is the best supermarket loyalty scheme?' compares the different supermarket rewards schemes to ensure you are maximising your cash. For additional money-saving tips, you may also wish to read our articles, '12 ways to save money on your food shop' and '5 apps to save money on your food bill'.