Tesco Mobile extends mobile EU data roaming until 2025

1 min Read Published: 23 Oct 2023

Tesco Mobile extends mobile EU data roaming

Tesco Mobile has announced it is extending its free EU roaming for pay monthly customers until 2025. At the beginning of 2023, Tesco Mobile was set to reintroduce EU roaming charges for new customers but it later extended this to 2024 and most recently, 2025. As a result, new and existing Tesco Mobile customers can travel to 48 'Home from Home' destinations and use their monthly plan as normal without being charged additional fees. The news will be welcomed by those who frequently travel to Europe, particularly due to the fact that a number of mobile providers began reintroducing roaming charges when outside the UK in 2022.

In this article, we look at who can use data roaming without extra costs in Europe, when charges are being reintroduced and which other mobile providers allow you to access data roaming abroad, free of charge.

Who can access free data roaming in Europe with Tesco Mobile?

Tesco Mobile pay monthly customers who joined or upgraded on or after 16th June 2022 can roam, fee-free in up to 48 'Home From Home' destinations up until 2025. This means that when travelling to a 'Home from Home' destination, pay monthly customers can use their phone as if they were in the UK when it comes to calls, texts and data usage allowance each month. If you exceed your monthly allowance you will be charged as if you exceeded your monthly allowance in the UK.

Most of the countries classed as a 'Home from Home' destination with Tesco Mobile are in Europe, however, there are some countries that are slightly further afield. You can find a full list of the countries on the Tesco Mobile website. Tesco has not yet announced the date for when charges will be reintroduced. Tesco Mobile Pay As You Go customers will continue to be charged for usage from their bundle as usual.

Which other mobile providers allow you to roam abroad?

A number of mobile providers began charging customers for using their phones when abroad in 2022 due to Britain's exit from the European Union which meant it no longer had to meet EU regulations regarding data roaming abroad.

However, there are a few providers like Tesco Mobile, that do not charge customers for roaming in the EU including:

  • O2
  • Smarty
  • Giff gaff
  • Asda mobile
  • Lebara

You can find a full breakdown of providers that offer can be found in our article, 'Compare the best mobile network for data roaming abroad'.

If your existing mobile provider charges for data roaming when abroad you can switch your mobile provider easily by sending a simple text message. If you would like to compare some of the best mobile providers and mobile contract deals you can do so, using a comparison site such as Uswitch.