Top 10 money worries for 2011 (and what to do about them)

1 min Read Published: 24 Jan 2011

A recent survey carried out by Which? Magazine reveals the nation's top 10 money worries for 2011. Below I list them in order along with a few related articles which should help ease your concerns.

Top 10 money worries:

  1. How much interest you're getting on your savings
  2. Energy prices
  3. The value of your pension
  4. Future tax levels
  5. Security of savings
  6. Food prices
  7. Pound exchange rate
  8. House price falling
  9. Redundancy
  10. Repossession of your home

The answers

If any of the above sound familiar then here are a number of articles which should help. Just click on the relevant link.

Savings Interest/Security of savings

Energy Prices

Pound Exchange Rate

House price falling/Repossession


What do you think of Which?'s top 10 list? Are there any other money worries that you feel have been missed? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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