Mojo Mortgages review: Is it the right online mortgage broker for you?

6 min Read Published: 17 Jun 2022

Mojo Mortgages In this impartial review, we look at online mortgage broker Mojo Mortgages, examining its key features, how it can help you find a mortgage deal and how it compares to its competitors, including Habito*, Trussle and MortgageGym.

What is Mojo Mortgages?

Mojo Mortgages is one of a growing number of online mortgage advisers in the UK, which aim to bridge the gap between traditional office-based mortgage brokers and comparison websites. It offers customers the convenience of being able to search for a mortgage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through its online assessment process, while also backing that up with support from a qualified mortgage adviser.

Mojo Mortgages is a whole-of-market mortgage broker, which means it searches through deals from up to 90 lenders, ranging from the mainstream companies such as Nationwide and Halifax, through to specialist lenders like Kensington Mortgages. In total, it estimates it has access to more than 10,000 mortgage deals. It offers its services for free, earning commission direct from the lender rather than from the customer.

Mojo Mortgages key features

  • Helps customers find mortgage and remortgage deals
  • Independent, whole-of-market mortgage broker
  • Free service, with no fees for the customer
  • Agreement in Principle often available within 15 minutes
  • Robo-mortgage advice backed up with a call with a qualified mortgage broker
  • Allocated a dedicated "customer success manager" to see the mortgage application through to completion

How does Mojo Mortgages work?

Mojo Mortgages is available online 24 hours a day, so users can start the process at a time that suits them. On the home page you will be asked if you are looking for a mortgage or remortgage and you will then be required to answer a series of initial questions, which will help Mojo Mortgages work out exactly what type of mortgage you are looking for. This includes:

  • Whether you are planning to live in the house or if it's going to be a buy-to-let
  • Whether its a sole or joint mortgage
  • If you are looking to buy immediately or whether you are simply doing some research ahead of sourcing a mortgage deal 

Following that, you are then taken to the main questionnaire, which takes up to 15 minutes to complete and covers the following areas:


This section covers how much you are planning to spend on the property - or what size the mortgage will be on a remortgage - as well as how much deposit/equity you have. This determines what the loan-to-value (LTV) will be for the mortgage, with a lower LTV typically opening up better deals at lower rates. It also asks what period of time you would like to pay the mortgage over.


This part of the assessment gathers your basic personal details, including your full name, date of birth, marital status, nationality and address details for the previous three years. This helps Mojo Mortgages verify your identity and also access your credit files with the three main credit reference agencies, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.


The income section looks at your employment status, how long you have been in your current role and the income you receive from both employment and other sources. This forms part of the affordability assessment and helps Mojo Mortgages find deals from lenders that offer appropriate income multiples to allow you to finance your property purchase.


As well as your income, you also need to give details of your day-to-day spending, including any existing credit agreements - for example credit cards, loans or car finance - childcare costs and transport expenses.


The final page collects your email and phone number so that a mortgage adviser can contact you to talk you through the deals Mojo Mortgages sources for you. You will be required to arrange a convenient time to talk through your options and, if you find a suitable deal, to start the application process in full.

Once you have completed the questions, you are presented with potential deals that meet your requirements immediately. You can then request an agreement in principle from the lender, although you need to speak to someone from Mojo Mortgages in person before you can proceed to a full application.

How many lenders does Mojo Mortgages compare?

Mojo Mortgages is a whole-of-market lender, which means it compares deals from up to 90 lenders. This includes both mainstream and specialist lenders, so it should be able to source deals for people with different credit ratings and requirements. It isn't tied to any particular lender, which means it gives independent recommendations based on the answers customers give to a series of questions at the start of the process.

There is a full list of the lenders Mojo Mortgages compares on its website.

Who is Mojo Mortgages good for?

Mojo Mortgages is best suited to customers looking for a new mortgage - either as a first-time buyer or mover - or to remortgage. It claims that 95% of applicants are approved for the deal they opt for, following Mojo Mortgages advice.

Who is Mojo Mortgages not suitable for?

  • Those looking to buy commercial property
  • People buying overseas property or looking for an ex-pat mortgage
  • Non-visa foreign national
  • Raising funds for business purposes
  • People who have already applied elsewhere
  • Those looking for a remortgage on a property they've owned for less than 6 months

How much does Mojo Mortgages charge?

Unlike many traditional mortgage brokers who charge a fee for their services, Mojo Mortgages is free. It is remunerated by earning a procuration fee direct from the lender when a customer takes out the deal it has sourced for them. Indeed, Mojo Mortgages states customers stand to save a significant amount of money on both new mortgages and remortgage deals.

However, while there is no charge to use Mojo Mortgages, there may be other fees payable on the mortgage. There can be a lender fee of up to £2,000 on some deals, which can either be paid upfront or added on to the mortgage. Customers are told in advance whether there is a fee payable to the lender and, if so, how much it is.

Mojo Mortgages customer reviews

According to independent customer review site Trustpilot, Mojo Mortgages is highly rated by the majority of its users, scoring 4.7 out of 5.0, based on more than 1,800 reviews. Of those, 88% said it was "excellent", with a further 6% reviewing it as "great". The positive feedback centred mainly on the good levels of service, with many of the individual advisers and customer service managers praised by name. Other reviews focused on the quick and efficient service.

The handful of bad reviews cited delays in responses to enquiries and poor communication. Most of the negative reviews have been responded to on Trustpilot by a representative from Mojo Mortgages.

Mojo Mortgages pros and cons


  • It's a good option for those looking for the convenience of an online company, where it is possible to access the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Support from a trained mortgage adviser in addition to a screen of more than 10,000 mortgage deals from 90 lenders
  • Can get a mortgage in principle quickly, sometimes in as little as 15 minutes
  • Fee-free - you don't need to pay for the mortgage advice you receive
  • Fully regulated by the FCA


  • While Mojo Mortgages can help you find a mortgage deal, it, along with other online mortgage brokers, doesn't offer the broader advice a traditional adviser may offer, including the steps you should make in advance of applying for a mortgage, such as saving for a deposit and getting your finances in order
  • If you have a complex credit history or severely adverse credit, it may be better to use a traditional broker who will be able to identify the specialist lenders who undertake manual underwriting on a case-by-case basis

Alternatives to Mojo Mortgages


Habito* started as an online mortgage broker but has since expanded into becoming a lender in its own right. It is known for its innovative approach to streamlining the mortgage application and conveyancing process. Most recently it hit the headlines by launching Habito One, a mortgage that offers a fixed rate for up to 40 years. Alongside all of this though, it still offers a way for customers to source mortgage quickly and easily for free. For more information, read our Habito review.


Trussle offers whole-of-market advice and has access to around 12,000 mortgage deals from 90 lenders. As with Habito and Mojo Mortgages, it focuses on providing an efficient service and one that saves customers time. Indeed, it has recently promised users a mortgage decision within 5 days, or it will pay them £100. For a full, impartial overview, read our Trussle review .


MortgageGym differentiates itself from other online mortgage brokers by offering an initial match to "live mortgage offers" from lenders, based on the applicants credit rating, which it determines through a partnership with credit reference agency Experian. It then offers a more in-depth assessment and application process, including contact with a qualified mortgage adviser. For more details, read our MortgageGym review.

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