Staysure travel insurance review

13 min Read Published: 03 Jan 2023

staysure travel insurance reviewTravel insurance is designed to help cover unexpected costs that may arise whilst you are away, including cover for medical treatment. In this article, we provide an independent review of travel insurance provider Staysure.

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What is Staysure travel insurance?

Staysure travel insurance was founded in 2004 by Ryan Howsham, a man passionate about providing comprehensive travel insurance policies to the over 50s. Crucially, it was his aim to bring a travel insurance product to market that would provide those over 50 with cover that included pre-existing medical conditions. Whilst the focus on pre-existing medical cover remains, Staysure has grown to offer a vast range of travel insurance policies to over 6 million people of all ages.

Staysure travel insurance is underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance UK Limited and Staysure is a trading name of TICORP Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Staysure travel insurance key features

  • 5-star Defaqto rated policy
  • Covers 99% of global destinations
  • Coronavirus cover
  • Pre-existing medical conditions cover
  • No upper age limits on single or annual policies
  • Optional extras such as gadget cover, excess waiver and golf cover
  • Range of travel insurance policies including cruise and winter sports insurance

Staysure travel insurance policies

With Staysure you can choose from a range of travel insurance policies and below we briefly explain the different types of policies available with Staysure travel insurance. Staysure travel insurance does not enforce upper age limits on its single and annual policies but it does have some restrictions on trip durations with certain policies if you are over a certain age.

Staysure Single trip travel insurance

Single trip travel insurance insures you for one trip outside of the UK. As well as individual cover, you can also choose couples or family single trip travel insurance so long as each family member lives at the same address. Having a couple or family policy could work out cheaper than multiple single trip policies.

Staysure's single trip travel insurance policy covers you for more than one destination in the same trip as long as you notify Staysure of the destinations you are planning to visit prior to purchasing the policy. Staysure's single trip travel insurance policy insures you up to 104 days on standard policies (some trips may be limited further depending on age and destination). There are no age limits on Staysure's single trip travel insurance policies.

Staysure Annual travel insurance

Annual multi-trip travel insurance covers you for multiple trips in a policy year and you can get cover for a maximum of 183 days abroad, although each trip cannot exceed 50 days (reducing to 35 days if you are 71 or over). However, if you needed to, there is an option to extend an individual trip limit from 50 to 100 days with the 100-day upgrade add-on. Staysure's annual travel insurance policy includes cover for winter sports as standard with the option to enhance your cover with added extras such as cruise cover. There are no age limits on Staysure's annual multi-trip travel insurance policies.

Staysure Worldwide travel insurance

Staysure will cover your trip if you are travelling outside of Europe for both a single and annual travel insurance policy. Staysure separates its worldwide cover into the following regions which you will need to select when taking out your travel insurance policy:

  • Region 1 - UK only
  • Region 2 - Europe excluding Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Malta, Morocco, Spain, Turkey and Tunisia
  • Region 3 - Europe including Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Malta, Morocco, Spain, Turkey and Tunisia
  • Region 4 - worldwide excluding Bermuda, Canada, the islands of the Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Thailand, and the United States of America
  • Region 5 - all countries

Staysure Europe travel insurance

Get single trip or annual Staysure travel insurance policies that cover you for visiting Europe. It is important to consider that you may still need travel insurance if you are travelling to Europe even if you have a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) which replaces the existing EHIC card. This is because the GHIC only covers you for medically necessary healthcare which is treatment that cannot wait until you return to the UK. GHICs also do not cover you for cancellations or lost or stolen baggage which is why it is still important to take out travel insurance. It is worth noting that some countries do not accept a GHIC card and more information on GHICs can be found here.

It is a condition of Staysure's insurance that you take a UK Global Health Insurance Card GHIC (or EHIC if eligible) when travelling to Europe.

Staysure UK travel insurance

Staysure's UK travel insurance policy covers your staycation for cancellation or curtailment of your trip as well as repatriation and medical transfer costs within the UK. Medical treatment, if needed whilst you are holidaying in the UK, is obviously covered by the NHS however repatriation costs will help to transfer you to a hospital closer to your home if required. If you require medical treatment when travelling to the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man you will not be covered by the NHS or the EHIC/GHIC but there is a healthcare agreement between the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man which means you won't have to pay healthcare costs. It is however worth noting that this agreement is not in place when visiting Guernsey, so you would need to arrange a holiday travel insurance policy to cover the cost of healthcare if you should need it.

Staysure Medical travel insurance

Staysure will consider covering all existing medical conditions under its medical travel insurance policy but in some instances, you may have to contact a specialist insurer if you have a serious medical condition. The Money Advice Service has a helpful list of providers which can be found here. It is important that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions before you travel so that if you require medical treatment whilst you are away you have peace of mind that the treatment will be insured. Without travel insurance, you would have to pay medical bills yourself which can be costly, particularly in countries such as the USA. A pre-existing medical condition is classed as a condition that you have received treatment, medication, symptoms or surgery in the past 2 years.

Typically, Staysure says it will cover medical conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Staysure Cruise travel insurance

Staysure's cruise travel insurance policy covers both international and domestic cruises for medical treatment and repatriation, cancellation and curtailment and lost baggage and possession claims. With comprehensive cover, you will also receive legal and personal liability cover. If you want additional cruise cover for missed port departures and cabin confinement you would need to add the 'Cruise Plus' add-on to your cruise insurance policy which comes at an additional cost.

Staysure Winter Sports travel insurance

Staysure's winter sports travel insurance policy specialises in cover for your winter holiday. Winter sports cover is automatically included if you buy a comprehensive annual Staysure policy and will cover you for two trips up to a combined total of 21 days. You can expect the following cover with a Winter Sports comprehensive policy:

Excess £65
Ski pack  Up to £250
Ski pass Up to £250
Equipment delay  Up to £300 (£20 per day)
Piste closure  Up to £200 (£20 per day)
Avalanche or landslide cover  Up to £160 (£20 per day)
Equipment hire  Up to £300 (£20 per day)
Winter sports equipment cover  Up to £500

Staysure Over 50s travel insurance

Staysure's single and annual travel insurance policies have no upper age limit so its policies for over 50s include pre-existing medical cover and are tailored to suit the needs of older travellers. You can get single or annual travel insurance and it is important that your pre-existing medical conditions are declared so that you have cover if you require medical treatment whilst abroad.

Does Staysure travel insurance cover Covid?

Staysure's travel insurance policies provide cover for coronavirus which also includes cover for cancellation if you are unable to travel. Staysure says the following covid-19 cover applies to policies bought after 29/04/21 as long as you have had the recommended covid-19 vaccination doses.

With a Staysure travel insurance policy you will be covered for the following:

  • Emergency medical expenses and repatriation due to Covid-19
  • Additional accommodation and transport (if deemed necessary by Staysure's medical officer)
  • A daily benefit if you are required to self-isolate in your accommodation whilst away
  • Cutting your trip short if a family member or a member of your household dies or is hospitalised due to Covid-19
  • Cancellation if you test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of travelling (confirmation of a positive test result will be required and you will not be covered if you booked your trip after symptoms or a positive diagnosis was confirmed)
  • Cancellation if you cannot finish your vaccination course due to illness or an allergy
  • Cancellation if you are denied boarding due to a positive Covid-19 test or have a temperature above 38 degrees celsius
  • Cancellation due to the death or hospitalisation of a household member or close relative due to Covid-19
  • Cancellation if a travel companion, household member or someone you are due to stay with on holiday tests positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of when you are due to travel

Does Staysure travel insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Staysure prides itself when it comes to covering most pre-existing medical conditions and it has no upper age limits on its single and annual policies which makes it as inclusive as possible to older travellers. Staysure says it can cover most pre-existing medical conditions and an example of some of the conditions it often covers are listed below:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart conditions
  • Gallstones
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Staysure travel insurance policy exclusions

Below we explain some of the common policy exclusions with a Staysure travel insurance policy. The following list is not extensive and you will need to read your policy documents carefully so you know exactly what you are covered for.

A Staysure travel insurance policy will not typically cover you for the following:

  • The policy excess
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that have not been declared
  • Claims relating to a medical condition of which you are awaiting the results of a medical investigation or tests
  • Travel against medical advice
  • Travel abroad for the purpose of medical treatment
  • Travel against FCDO advice
  • Claims related to covid-19 and you have not had the recommended vaccinations (if you were medically unable to have the vaccination your claim will be considered)

Are there any age limits on Staysure's travel insurance?

There are no age limits on a Staysure single or annual multi-trip travel insurance policy. There are also some restrictions on the length of the trips for certain ages and this depends on where you are travelling to. For more information on trip age restrictions see the Staysure policy documents.

What does Staysure travel insurance cover?

In the comparison table below, we highlight the differences between Staysure's basic and comprehensive cover. We also detail the range of additional extras that are available. (Some add-ons can only be added onto a Staysure comprehensive policy).

Staysure travel insurance policy comparison

Staysure Basic policy  Staysure Comprehensive policy 
Excess £85 - £100 (claim dependent) £65
Cancellation £500 £5,000
Medical treatment and repatriation  £5million Unlimited
Curtailment (cutting your holiday short)  £500 £5,000
Baggage claims  £300 £2,500
Lost or stolen cash  £250 £500
End Supplier Failure  cross £3,000
Legal protection cover  cross £25,000
Personal Liability  cross £2million

Staysure UK travel insurance policy comparison

Staysure Basic UK policy  Staysure Comprehensive UK policy 
Excess £85 - £100 (claim dependent) £65
Cancellation £500 £5,000
Home country medical transfer and accommodation £10,000 £10,000
Curtailment (cutting your holiday short)  £500 £5,000
Baggage claims  £300 £2,500
Lost or stolen cash  £250 £500
End Supplier Failure  cross £3,000

Additional policy extras

Staysure has some policy extras which can be added to some of the travel insurance policies. The add-ons will vary depending on the policy you choose and some can only be added to comprehensive policies.

  • Travel Disruption cover - Get cover for cancellation and curtailment (cutting short) of your holiday if the FCDO advises against all but essential travel because of unforeseen weather events such as a hurricane or earthquake.
  • European FCDO Travel Advice Extension - Have cover for travel to Europe if the FCDO advises against all but essential travel including £1,000 towards extra accommodation and travel expenses if you have to return home. Cover for Covid-19 whilst you are abroad is also included if you have had your Covid vaccination. If the FCDO change the travel advice for any other reason you will not be covered.
  • Winter Sports cover* - Get exclusive cover for winter sports activities such as skiing or snowboarding. You will be covered for medical emergencies and other expenses such as loss of equipment or avalanches. (This is included as standard on a comprehensive annual policy).
  • Cruise Plus cover* - Get specific cover for your cruise and extras such as cabin confinement.
  • Excess Waiver* - Don't pay any excess when you make a claim with the excess waiver add on. This has to be added on when you buy the policy but does not apply to Gadget cover, Car Hire or Terrorism cancellation.
  • Golf cover* - Get cover for a non-professional golf holiday and cover your equipment, non-refundable golfing fees and hole-in-one cover.
  • Single Item cover* - Upgrade your personal baggage cover beyond the limits of your standard cover up to £1,000.
  • 100 Day Upgrade* - If you're under the age of 70 you can extend your trip duration limit from 50 days to 100 days.
  • Gadget cover* - Cover for things such as loss and theft, text or data usage, liquid damage for unlimited gadgets up to £2,000.

*available with comprehensive policies only

How much does Staysure travel insurance cost?

Below we compare the cost of Staysure's travel insurance policies for a European destination. We have compared the cost of both single and annual travel insurance policies and the costs are based on an individual travelling to Spain. How much you will actually pay for your travel insurance policy will vary depending on numerous factors such as your age, your health and your trip destination.

Staysure individual policy cost comparison

The following quotes are based on trips to Spain for an individual traveller aged from 20 - 70 years old with no underlying health issues. The quotes are for Staysure's Single and Annual travel insurance policies.

Staysure Basic cover  Staysure Comprehensive cover  Staysure Basic cover  Staysure Comprehensive cover 
Policy excess  £100 £65 £100 £65
Policy type Single trip Single trip Annual multi-trip Annual multi-trip
Medical expense cover  £5m Unlimited £5m Unlimited
Cancellation cover £500 £5,000 £500 £5,000
Baggage cover  £300 £2,500 £300 £2,500
Individual trip limit 104 days 104 days Under 70s - 50 days    Over 70s - 35 days    (Max total 183 days) Under 70s - 50 days    Over 70s - 35 days    (Max total 183 days)
European policy cost 20 year old  £9.23* £12.01* £25.90* £32.88*
European policy cost 30 year old  £9.23* £12.01* £25.87* £32.85*
European policy cost 40 year old  £9.23* £12.01* £26.14* £33.67*
European policy cost 50 year old  £9.23 £12.01 £26.14 £34.86
European policy cost 60 year old  £9.08 £11.82 £25.87 £34.50
European policy cost 70 year old  £19.35* £25.42* £79.67* £101.16*

*online discount applies. (Quotes correct as of 03/02/23) 

How to claim on Staysure travel insurance

In order to claim on your Staysure travel insurance policy, you will need your policy number and any additional receipts and documentation related to your claim, e.g medical bills. If your claim is related to coronavirus you will also need to provide a copy of a positive test result. You are able to visit the Staysure website and submit your claim online where you will be asked if your claim is an emergency. If your claim is an emergency you will be provided with a 24-hour telephone number which varies depending on where you are calling from. If your claim is not an emergency you can choose what you are claiming for e.g travel or golf insurance and you will then have to answer a series of questions in relation to your claim.

When making a claim it is important to contact Staysure as soon as possible to notify them of your claim. If you are taken ill whilst away and it is not a medical emergency, you should call Staysure prior to going ahead with any treatment so you can be advised on the best course of action. If it is an emergency, then you or a travel companion should contact Staysure within 48 hours and you must contact the insurer within 28 days once you return back to the UK.

Staysure travel insurance customer reviews

Staysure travel insurance has a customer rating of 'Excellent' on the customer review site Trustpilot. It has a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars from over 248,000 reviews. 78% of customers on the site have rated Staysure travel insurance as 'Excellent' citing great customer service and competitive prices. Some customers also comment on the good level of cover for a multitude of pre-existing health conditions.

2% of customers that rated Staysure travel insurance as 'Bad' cited frustrations with trying to call the company and being unable to get the cover that they require. Another customer complained about the cost of the travel insurance due to a high number of pre-existing medical conditions.

Staysure travel insurance pros and cons

Staysure travel insurance pros

  • Pre-existing condition cover
  • Large choice of travel insurance policies
  • Option to cater your policy to suit your trip
  • Coronavirus cover

Staysure travel insurance cons

  • No personal liability cover as standard on basic policies
  • No cover for a medical condition if at the start of the policy you are awaiting medical test results or investigations
  • Some trip duration limits depend on traveller's age

Alternatives to Staysure travel insurance

Below we compare Staysure travel insurance to the Post Office and Coverwise's most comprehensive travel insurance policies. Each quote is based on a 30-year-old single traveller with no underlying health conditions and for a 7-day single trip policy to Spain. For more information on Post Office and Coverwise travel insurance read our independent reviews:

Another quick and easy way to compare travel insurance is via a comparison site such as MoneySuperMarket* or Compare the Market* as it allows you to compare multiple travel insurance policies that may be suitable for your trip. One thing to consider before using a comparison site, however, is that it may not compare every provider on the market so you may get a better deal elsewhere.

Staysure travel insurance vs Post Office travel insurance

  Staysure  Post Office 
Policy name  Comprehensive Premier cover
Policy type Single trip Single trip
Destination Spain Spain
Policy excess £65 £50
Policy cost for a 30-year-old individual £12.01 £43.63
Emergency medical cover amount  Unlimited £10million

(Quotes correct as of 03/02/23) 

Staysure travel insurance vs Coverwise travel insurance

  Staysure  Coverwise 
Policy name  Comprehensive Gold
Policy type Single trip Single trip
Destination Spain Spain
Excess £65 £50
Policy cost for a 30-year-old individual £12.42 £12.55
Medical cover amount  Unlimited £20m

(Quotes correct as of 03/02/23) 


Overall, Staysure provides good value for money offering a range of cover at a lower cost when compared to other providers. An added bonus is that Staysure provides cover for coronavirus including cover for cancellation if you test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of travel.

In addition, Staysure covers most pre-existing medical conditions and has no upper age limits on some of its policies making it an attractive option for older travellers. As with all insurance policies, make sure you read your policy documents carefully so you know exactly what you are covered for.




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