Keep track of spending with this simple & FREE smartphone app

1 min read Published: 21 Nov 2013

iphoneappsWhen you read anything about budgeting or controlling your finances you are always asked to track your spending, on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, to see where your money goes. Now, this is all well and good but when you are grabbing a coffee or a sandwich on the run it is difficult to record this spending and you ultimately forget and your budgeting goes out the window.

The solution to this problem comes in a clever little smartphone app called Spendometer, created by the The Money Charity, whose main attraction is it's simplicity.

  • Download the app onto your smartphone and every time you spend something just enter the amount into Spendometer on your phone and it will keep a record of your spending
  • Set daily, weekly or monthly spending limits and choose how your spending will be reported
  • Four default spending categories to choose from, or choose your own
  • Check if you can afford the purchase before you buy
  • See your 'spending speed' and see how much of your money has been spent in a given week or month and where it has been spent
  • Log spending in under 10 secs
  • Set a special 'going out' function to help limit overspending on a night out

Best of all it's FREE! Simple, useful and clever. Try it.