Manage your Christmas shopping with these great smartphone apps

1 min Read Published: 04 Dec 2018

Manage your Christmas shopping with these great smartphone apps

Manage your Christmas shopping with these great smartphone appsHelp! The dreaded Christmas shopping will soon be upon us. Scraps of paper with present ideas scrawled on them. Struggling to keep track of how much you have spent and on whom.

Don't fret, help is at hand with these great smartphone apps that will put the jingle back in your step as you tackle the local shopping centre.

Manage Christmas - Free (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch)

  • very simple to use, open up the app and enter the names of those you are buying presents for
  • set a total or individual budget
  • as you come up with gift ideas just enter them under the recipient's name and register them as 'Not Bought'
  • as you buy the gifts you can reclassify them as 'Bought', 'Wrapped' or 'Sent'
  • all purchases will be deducted from the budget clearly showing you how much is left to spend on each individual
  • if you are stuck for gift ideas just go to the 'Gifts' section to get some regularly updated suggestions
  • set a security password to keep your list away from prying eyes

Christmas Gift List -Free (Android)

  • very simple to use just start adding names and gift ideas
  • set budget for each individual
  • option to include a note alongside each gift
  • supports multiple currencies (default set to $ but can be changed in settings)
  • stats section to help you keep on top of your overall spending
  • mark gifts as purchased as you buy them
  • ability to share lists via email or save into Evernote
  • automatically archives your list at the end of the year
  • protect your list with a password

mySupermarket - shopping list

  • great app when planning food for Christmas
  • compare prices across all major supermarkets
  • set up alerts to notify you if products listed drop below a certain price

Etsy - handmade & vintage goods

  • find unique handmade or vintage gifts
  • simple categorisation of products
  • save items and revisit later
  • delivery alerts through the app

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