Money tip #12 – Pregnant? Claim your one-off Health in Pregnancy Grant

1 min read Published: 24 Feb 2010

Following yesterday's Headline of the Day regarding the cost of bringing up a child, I thought I'd make the first of many posts relevant to expectant mothers/parents. While I can't magic £200,000 out of the air, there is some financial help out there......

Expectant mothers who are 25 weeks into their pregnancy can apply for a £190 grant, from the Government, towards the cost of pregnancy and childbirth.

HMRC will make the one-off TAX FREE payment directly into the mother’s bank account which she can then spend as she chooses (yes, that includes handbags). The best bit is that it is not means tested and will not affect your entitlement to other benefits.

However, you can only obtain a claim form from your GP or midwife at your ante-natal appointment, after your 25th week of pregnancy.

But one word of warning, don't expect to receive the payment promptly. My wife put in a claim at the 25 week stage but did not actually receive the payment until our daughter was born! But hey, it's free money.


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