Reclaim forgotten loyalty points – Money tip #164

1 min read Published: 20 Feb 2012

loyalty cards A recent study claimed that Britains have around £5.2billion of unclaimed loyalty card points with the average person having around £37.

In these times of austerity it makes sense to make sure you don't have any unspent loyalty points which you could use to saves £s on your shopping bills. Obviously, most retailers offer loyalty schemes so there is a good chance you may well have some just waiting to be spent. Unfortunately there is no central register or mechanism for tracing forgotten points so the first thing to do is to to trawl through your purse looking for loyalty cards before checking their balances.

Two of the biggest loyalty schemes are Boots Advantage Card and Tesco Clubcard so it's worth at least checking if you have any forgotten points under these two schemes. While Boots require you to take your loyalty card into one of their stores to check your balance, Tesco allow you to check online, assuming you've registered your Clubcard. If you log into the site you can print forgotten vouchers and use them to get money off your shopping (or you can use them online instead). Alternatively you can use Tesco Boost to multiply the value of your points up to four times and get money off family days out etc.

So what are you waiting for, get checking!