Rent out your garden for the night – Money tip #159

1 min read Published: 20 Jan 2012

camp site Every so often you stumble upon an idea that you would love to see take off in a big way, and is one such idea.

The site describes itself as:

'the first and only website advertising private gardens as micro-campsites; providing accessible, affordable and fun alternatives to traditional accommodation around the world'.

Or to put it another way it lets you rent out your garden for people to camp in overnight. You set your rate and the facilities (or lack of) you offer and voila you can start earning money.

So if you're strapped for cash why not rent out your garden during the Olympics later this year?

Image: graur razvan ionut /


  1. Awesome idea. I’ll mention this to some farmer friends – they could make millions!Perhaps do a profile on this…

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