The app that cuts your data roaming charges while abroad

1 min read Published: 20 Sep 2011

Many of us have known that sinking feeling when your phone bill arrives after a holiday and you realise that the few times you checked your emails and the latest news cost you a fortune.

The standard advice is to switch off data roaming on your phone, avoid browsing the internet over your mobile network and use free wi-fi spots. However there are times when you need access to the internet and you have no option but to go online via your mobile network.

Recently I came across an iPhone app called “Roaming Browser”. This app is basically a cut down version of the iPhone’s browser (Safari) that allows you to disable data hungry web features such as images, stylesheets and javascript. The end result is that when you go online using this app you download less data and therefore save money.

My favourite feature is the ability to enter your provider’s cost per megabyte and the app automatically tracks how much data you have used and how much this will cost you.

The app costs just 59p and I saved that within the first day of my last trip abroad.

If you have any other suggestions of apps which readers should use when travelling then share them by leaving a comment below.

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