The top 7 money lies we tell ourselves

4 min Read Published: 15 Oct 2014

The top 7 money lies we tell ourselves

The top 7 money lies we tell ourselves'I don't have enough money to save'

I realise it can be hard to make ends meet if you are on a  low income. However, saving just a few pounds every month not only adds up over time it can make you feel more in control of your finances. Saving can become a habit and next time you get a pay rise or bonus you will be more inclined to save it than spend it. Read - Start 'big picture' budgeting to start controlling your finances.

'I'm not very good with money'

This is just an excuse usually used by people who can't be bothered to control their finances. They can't face all the paperwork and just throw today's post in a pile with yesterday's and the day before. Wake up! If you don't control your finances nobody else is going to it for you. Read - Buy a shredder to get you started

'I live for the present'

Living for the present is a great idea but you really do need to keep one eye on the future. Don't let living in the present be an excuse to be reckless with your money as the future has a habit of wanting back the money that you borrowed today! Start putting a bit of money away now and it will soon grow. See - Regular Savings Accounts to the get the best rate on your savings.

'If I could just get enough to pay off my debts I would be fine'

If this statement rings true with you then you need to understand how you got in debt in the first place. Believing this statement is an easy route to consolidated loans which will just make things worse unless can take control of your spending right now. Read - The 5 simple steps to clear your credit card debt

'I don't need to save for retirement as I will carry on working'

When we are young we don't see any problem with the thought of carrying on working in our later years. From the viewpoint of excellent health and a stimulating job carrying on working seems an acceptable option. However, when we reach our later years our health may not be what we had hoped and continuing to work may not be an option. Unfortunately, financial problems will arise, if we have made no provision for your old age, resulting in a miserable later life. To get started read - Work out how much to save for retirement on the back of an envelope.

'I deserve a pay rise but never get one'

We all feel we need a regular pay rise but obviously employers need to control the costs of their business and are sometimes reluctant to increase your pay. Instead of just sitting there accepting the situation why not create a plan to achieve a pay rise. Read - 6 tips on how to negotiate a pay rise to start you off.

'I am going to start my own business'

We are entitled to dream a bit and one common dream is starting your own business. Unfortunately, this dream fades away for most people as they fail to take action to make this business venture a reality. Starting your own business needs determination, passion, and of course a good idea. Don't sit around dreaming, start to make it happen by reading - Want to start a new business? How to create and develop business ideas