How to cancel Plusnet broadband

6 min Read Published: 09 Jan 2024

How to cancel Plusnet broadbandPlusnet offers customers a range of different broadband speeds, often at discounted rates, with good-value TV add-ons and a top-rated router. However, there are still reasons why Plusnet may not be the provider for you. There are a whole host of internet service providers on the market trying to tempt new customers with discounted deals and valuable sign-up bonuses. You may decide you want to cancel Plusnet because your monthly bill has increased, you found a better deal elsewhere or you had a poor customer service experience. Whatever your reason for wanting to leave, this article will explain how to change broadband providers and what it might cost you to cancel Plusnet broadband.

How to cancel Plusnet broadband if you’re out of contract

It is free to cancel Plusnet broadband if you are out of contract. You will be out of contract once you have kept your Plusnet service for longer than the term you agreed to in your original deal, or any subsequent deals you signed up to once that expired. Not all Plusnet deals have the same contract term, so you should check your online account or contact customer services to find out when your current package ends. Once the term ends, you will be put onto a standard tariff, which is likely to be more expensive.

Switching providers can be a quick and easy process. You can switch to any provider using the Openreach network without even needing to contact Plusnet, unless you are on a full fibre package. All you need to do is sign up with a new provider. That provider will then contact Plusnet to confirm you are leaving and coordinate your connection and disconnection dates.

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If you decide to move to a package not powered by the Openreach network – such as cable broadband with Virgin Media or mobile broadband with Three – or you are currently on a full fibre deal with Plusnet, switching will involve cancelling directly. You will need to contact customer services directly to cancel Plusnet broadband and give 14-days' notice.

Cancelling Plusnet broadband online

The easiest way is likely to be calling 0800 432 0200. Make sure you have your account details to hand, along with your full address.

Cancelling Plusnet broadband by letter

You can also write to Plusnet, either by sending a letter or a cancellation form, which you can print out from the Plusnet website. Send your correspondence to Plusnet plc, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU. You will need to include the name of the account holder, the account username, full address and landline telephone number (if applicable).

You will need to cancel with Plusnet directly if you want your broadband to be disconnected entirely and not replaced with a service from a different provider.

How to cancel Plusnet broadband if you’re still in contract

It is still possible to cancel Plusnet broadband while you are in contract, but it is not as easy as leaving at the end of your deal. Internet providers will usually try to hold you to the terms of your contract, which often means you will not be able to cancel your existing deal for free.

Customers who are still in the initial term of their contract will likely need to pay a cancellation fee in order to cancel Plusnet broadband. This is calculated by multiplying your usual monthly bill by how many months are remaining on your deal, then subtracting the costs Plusnet saves by not needing to provide your broadband. Plusnet plans to raise prices by the January CPI (Consumer Price Index) rate of inflation plus 3.9% every March. If your contract is due to go beyond March, the price hike will also apply to your cancellation fee. You can usually check if you will need to pay any early termination charges by checking the ‘account summary’ section of your online account.

In some cases, customers do not need to pay an early termination charge to cancel Plusnet broadband. One example is if you are still in your ‘cooling off period’. This refers to the first 14 days of your deal, during which you are free to change your mind and cancel without needing to pay an early termination fee. If your connection is already active when you decide to cancel, you will need to pay for the service you have received.

You can also cancel Plusnet broadband for free if you are hit by an unexpected price rise. Many recent joiners will find their Plusnet deal includes details of an annual increase of 3.9% plus inflation, but some existing customers may not have this clause in their contracts. If you do not, Plusnet will need to notify you of a price rise and give you 30 days to cancel for free. Contact Plusnet directly if you are unsure if you are eligible to cancel your contract because your bill has gone up.

Another scenario in which you can cancel Plusnet broadband for free is if your internet speeds are slower than what you were promised when you signed up.

How to cancel Plusnet broadband if it is too slow

You can cancel Plusnet broadband if it is too slow. You will have been sent details of your personalised minimum speed guarantee when you signed up with Plusnet. If your broadband speed drops below this and Plusnet is unable to speed it up, you should be able to leave your contract for free. This is because Plusnet has opted into Ofcom’s optional ‘Broadband Speeds Code of Practice’, which is a commitment to provide customers with a binding speed guarantee.

If you think your broadband speed is dropping below your guarantee, contact Plusnet. An engineer should then be sent to your home to test your internet speed and investigate if there are any issues in the local network. If Plusnet is unable to get your broadband up to speed within 30 days of your complaint, you should be able to cancel your contract for free.

Keep in mind that when the engineer tests the speed of the broadband connection that reaches your home, it could produce a different result to an online speed test on your phone or laptop. The broadband speed reaching your devices will be affected by the layout of your home, your router or the amount of people using the connection – all issues your provider will not take responsibility for. Therefore, you could find that even though your laptop cannot reach your guaranteed minimum speed, Plusnet will not do anything about it.

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Before you cancel Plusnet broadband

There are a few factors you should make sure to consider before you cancel Plusnet broadband. One is that you will lose the TV or mobile extras that come with your internet deal, so make sure you are content to be without these before you cancel.

If you are looking to switch from Plusnet because your bill is too high, you may want to consider haggling your way to a discount. When you call to cancel Plusnet broadband, a member of the customer service team will almost certainly offer you a cheaper deal in an effort to keep you. If you are happy with the price they offer, you could stay and sign a new deal. However, you may want to compare broadband deals before you ring up Plusnet. That way you will know the price of other packages on the market, which you can ask Plusnet to match. This could get you a hefty discount without the need to switch to a new provider.

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It may also be worth checking what types of broadband connection are available in your area using the ‘Ofcom broadband checker’. If you have been with Plusnet for a long time, you may be surprised what is now available in your area. Plusnet does not offer the very top download speeds available, so if full fibre, cable or mobile broadband has been rolled out to your area you may be able to choose from a much wider variety of deals than you expected.

How to compare broadband deals

It is worth comparing broadband deals online via a comparison site prior to cancelling Plusnet broadband, so that you know what price you could be paying elsewhere. Comparison sites help you to compare the best deals from multiple broadband providers at once. Results can be filtered by personal preference, usually with options to tailor results by factors including price, speed, reliability, Wi-Fi coverage and customer service. If Plusnet is then not able to match that price, you could cancel and switch to the cheaper deal.

After you cancel Plusnet broadband

You may need to make a one-off final payment to settle your bill after you cancel Plusnet broadband. This can be made by credit or debit card, or cheque in some circumstances.

You will also need to return any equipment that Plusnet has sent you – such as your broadband router or TV box – if you leave during your contract period. If your contract has ended, you should not need to send anything back.