Plusnet Broadband Review

9 min Read Published: 14 Sep 2023

Plusnet Broadband ReviewPlusnet offers broadband packages with a variety of download speeds at discounted prices. Its deals range from standard broadband all the way up to superfast fibre connections. You have probably seen one of its adverts emphasising the simplicity and reliability of its service, but what do current customers think of Plusnet? And does it offer enough to compete with both big-name rivals and low-budget challengers? In this independent review we will break down the key components of a Plusnet broadband deal to help you decide if it is the right provider for your household.

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Plusnet Broadband key features

Plusnet offers standard, fibre-to-the-cabinet and full fibre broadband packages. This means that wherever you live in the UK, there will likely be a deal available for your household. If you want to read more about the different types of home broadband connection, check out our article ‘Which broadband is best?’.

You can find packages with download speeds ranging from the most basic in the UK, up to some of the fastest. However, Plusnet does not offer a deal for the very top speed available in the UK, unlike rivals Sky, BT, Virgin Media TalkTalk and EE.

You will need to pay a set up cost to switch to Plusnet, unless you are able to take advantage of a limited-time offer. How much you pay will depend on the package you choose and length of contract you opt for.

Product name Average download Speed Minimum contract length TV package available Phone line required Setup cost Monthly cost
Plusnet Unlimited Broadband 10Mbps 24 months No Yes £0 £25.99*
Plusnet Fibre Broadband 36Mbps 24 months No Yes £0 £26.99*
Plusnet Full Fibre 74 74Mbps 24 months No No £0 £26.99*
Plusnet Full Fibre 145 145Mbps 24 months No No £0 £29.99*
Plusnet Full Fibre 300 300Mbps 24 months No No £0 £31.99*
Plusnet Full Fibre 500 500Mbps 24 months No No £0 £35.99*
Plusnet Full Fibre 900 910Mbps 24 months No No £0 £44.99*

*Plusnet will increase the price of all of its deals every March by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation, plus an additional 3.9%.

Plusnet Broadband packages

Plusnet offers a good range of download speeds in its broadband packages, including a product for an ultrafast connection, which puts it at an advantage to some competitors. However, only a limited number of the homes in the UK will be able to access the speed of Plusnet's top package.

If you are unsure which download speed package you should be buying, read our article ‘What broadband speed do I need?’.

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband

Download speed: 10Mbps

This type of basic package will be a good fit for small households that only use the internet occasionally. For larger homes, with multiple people looking to use the internet at once, you will need a faster connection.

Plusnet Fibre Broadband

Download speed: 36Mbps

This is Plusnet’s most basic fibre package, but it still offers a download speed that will suit a lot of medium-sized households. At the time of writing, a special offer means there is no difference in price between Unlimited Fibre and Unlimited Broadband, despite the significant difference in download speed.

If your home can support a fibre connection, it makes sense to choose this deal over the more limited standard broadband package.

Plusnet Full Fibre 74

Download speed: 74Mbps

For Plusnet customers with a full fibre connection, the additional speed from the package will support streaming HD content to watch on TV, or music through a smart speaker without significantly slowing down browsing speed on other devices. You may find your speeds beginning to slow down if your household is big and you have lots of users trying to connect at once.

Plusnet Full Fibre 145

Download speed: 145Mbps

This is a big jump in download speed from the Full Fibre deal. Over 100Mbps is fast enough to support households streaming from multiple devices at once, downloading large files or making video calls. If your household does not use the internet this much, you may want to consider a slower (and cheaper) option.

Plusnet Full Fibre 300

Download speed: 300Mbps

This package is not usually much more expensive than the Full Fibre 145, so it could be good value to opt for the extra speed. 300Mbps will be fast enough for a busy internet-using household with multiple users working from home or streaming content at once.

Plusnet Full Fibre 500

Download speed: 500Mbps

If you want all of your home to be connected to the internet through a host of different smart devices, this is the best Plusnet package for you. It should be fast enough to handle continuous usage from multiple devices without slowing down any additional streaming or downloads.

Plusnet Full Fibre 900

Download speed: 900Mbps

This is one of the fastest broadband packages available in the UK, but will likely come with a significant price jump compared to the Fibre 500 option. It will be a good option for gamers or shared households with several people working from home at once. For many, the extra speed may not be worth the extra cost.

How much does Plusnet Broadband cost?

Plusnet is marketed as a low-cost alternative to major broadband providers like BT, its parent company. However, whether a Plusnet deal is the cheapest option for you will depend on what limited-time deals are currently on the market.

At the time of writing, Plusnet Full Fibre 74 is the cheapest deal in the 70Mbps-99Mbps speed range. Faster packages, such as Full Fibre 500, are beaten on price by competitors like Sky and Virgin Media. By comparing broadband deals at the speed you need you can take advantage of limited-time deals and incentive rewards to get the best package for your household.

The price you pay will also depend on what length of contract you opt for. Unlike many other internet providers, Plusnet offers multiple contract lengths for some products. Generally, the longer the contract, the lower the price.

Product name Average download Speed Minimum contract length Setup cost Monthly cost
Plusnet Unlimited Broadband 10Mbps 24 months £0 £25.99*
Plusnet Fibre Broadband 36Mbps 24 months £0 £26.99*
Plusnet Full Fibre 74 74Mbps 24 months £0 £26.99*
Plusnet Full Fibre 145 145Mbps 24 months £0 £29.99*
Plusnet Full Fibre 300 300Mbps 24 months £0 £31.99*
Plusnet Full Fibre 500 500Mbps 24 months £0 £35.99*
Plusnet Full Fibre 900 910Mbps 24 months £0 £44.99*

*Plusnet will increase the price of all of its deals every March by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation, plus an additional 3.9%.

Will Plusnet Broadband prices increase in 2024?

Yes. Plusnet Broadband prices will rose by 14.4% in 2023 and will rise again in 2024. Like many broadband providers, Plusnet increases its prices every year by the CPI (consumer price index) rate of inflation plus an additional figure, in this case 3.9%. Plusnet uses the CPI rate from the December before the increase, which for 2022 was the 10.5% figure from December 2022.

14.4% was a significant annual rise in comparison to what UK broadband customers had come to expect in recent years. However, Plusnet customers will not be able to cancel their contracts without penalty or switch providers for free, as the increase is included in Plusnet contracts.

Plusnet Broadband extras

Like most broadband providers, Plusnet occasionally offers incentive rewards like a voucher or bill credit. You should take these extras into account when comparing deals, as a £100 bonus can make a big difference to how much you pay over the course of your contract.

Plusnet offers a recommend-a-friend scheme that can save you up to £1.25 a month per friend if you can convince them to sign up to a broadband package.

Plusnet does not offer customers the chance to bundle in a TV package, though you will be able to access a discounted subscription to BT Sport. This will be a significant negative to anyone wanting a complete entertainment package similar to offerings from Sky, Virgin or BT. However, if a full roster of sport TV is an essential for your household, you could make a big saving. A monthly subscription to the BT Sport app is usually £25 a month, but that is discounted to £17.15 for Plusnet broadband customers. That difference of £7.85 might be enough to make Plusnet the cheapest provider for your home broadband. You can then complete the set by buying a NOW Sports Pass.

Plusnet broadband and landline packages come with pay as you go calls as standard. There is an option to add extra calls packages for an additional monthly fee.

Broadband customers are able to access Plusnet Mobile SIM plans that include an extra 2GB of data for broadband customers. Plusnet mobile uses the EE mobile network.

Does Plusnet offer social broadband?

At the time of writing, Plusnet does not currently offer a social broadband tariff.

Does Plusnet have a good router?

Fibre deals from Plusnet include a Hub Two router. This is essentially a rebrand of parent company BT’s Smart Hub 2.

The Smart Hub 2 scored 87% in a recent Which? review thanks to its excellent coverage and ability to handle connecting to multiple devices at once. This rating puts it up there as one of the best routers on the market, which can make a significant difference to your broadband connection and reliability, especially if you live in a busy home.

Do I need a phone line with Plusnet Broadband?

Plusnet broadband customers with an Unlimited Broadband, Unlimited Fibre or Unlimited Fibre Extra package will need a phone line. Full Fibre 74, Full Fibre 145 and Full Fibre 500 customers do not need a phone line as their connection will be fully through fibre optic cables.

If you want to find out more about how phone lines fit into the UK’s broadband network, read our article ‘Do you need a landline for broadband?’.

Plusnet Broadband customer reviews

Plusnet scores just 2.0 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot, though this is actually ahead of rivals BT (1.6) and Sky (1.5). Customers were happy with sign-up bonuses, download speeds and customer service. Other customers were unhappy with engineer no-shows, how long it took to reach customer services and slow speeds.

Ofcom’s recent internet provider customer survey was bad news for Plusnet. It ranked below BT, EE and Sky for “satisfaction with overall service”, though above TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

If you want to know who we rate highly for customer service – along with other key attributes of a top broadband provider – read our article ‘Who is the best broadband provider?’.

Plusnet Broadband pros and cons

Plusnet Broadband pros

  • Discounts can make it cheaper than many rivals
  • Broad range of speeds available
  • Bonus data for mobile customers
  • Top router
  • Discounted BT Sport
  • Choice of 12 or 18 month deals for some plans

Plusnet Broadband cons

  • No TV package
  • No 900Mbps option

How does Plusnet Broadband compare with other providers?

Plusnet Broadband product name Plusnet price Competitor package offering same speed Competitor price
Plusnet Unlimited Broadband £25.99* NOW Broadband Brilliant Broadband £20.00
Plusnet Fibre Broadband £26.99* TalkTalk Fibre 35 £27.00
Plusnet Full Fibre 74 £26.99* BT Broadband Fibre 2 £29.99
Plusnet Full Fibre 145 £29.99* EE Full Fibre Max 100 £31.00
Plusnet Full Fibre 300 £31.99* Virgin Media M350 £34.50
Plusnet Full Fibre 500 £35.99* TalkTalk Fibre 500 £39.00
Plusnet Full Fibre 900 £44.99* Virgin Media Gig1 £46.00

*Plusnet will increase the price of all of its deals every March by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation, plus an additional 3.9%.

Plusnet’s standard pricing is higher than many competitors’ packages, but you can expect to pay much less. Plusnet almost always runs a deal or discount of some kind to massively reduce the initial monthly cost. For example, at the time of writing Plusnet Full Fibre 500 is discounted to £35.99 a month for 24 months.

Plusnet is not the only internet provider to discount its standard pricing, so make sure you shop around to see what special deals and offers are available. On top of discounts, you may be able to get free vouchers, bill credits or gifts.

It is also worth keeping in mind that all Plusnet prices, including discounted monthly costs, will rise every March by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation, plus an additional 3.9%. This rise might be enough to make Plusnet more expensive than a rival deal, though many other providers are also planning significant annual rises.

The standard price is only likely to be relevant once your contract expires. Your supplier will have to tell you when the expiration date is approaching, so make sure you agree to a new deal or switch providers to avoid an eye-watering price hike. You can find out more about switching providers by reading our article ‘How to switch broadband provider’.

How to compare Plusnet Broadband

A good way to compare broadband packages is via a comparison site such as Uswitch*. Comparison sites allow you to compare the best deals from multiple broadband providers at once. We have partnered with Uswitch* so that our readers can source the best broadband deals, simply click on the link and enter your postcode to get started. Results can be tailored based on your own personal preference, allowing you to filter results based on a number of factors including price, speed, reliability, Wi-Fi coverage and customer service. According to the latest data, customers that chose a broadband package via Uswitch saved an average of £162 per year.

Is Plusnet Broadband any good?

Plusnet offers an excellent router, good bonuses for mobile customers and some significant discounts, but it is still often beaten on price by competitors. Vodafone, BT, Sky and others offer equally significant price drops and valuable sign-up rewards from a lower starting point.

Plusnet may not offer the cheapest deal for your desired speed, however, customers may find value-for-money when considering a BT Sport subscription or a 12-month deal. Most competitors do not offer 12-month deals, while the Plusnet discount on the BT Sport app can be enough to make the whole package cheaper than an equivalent deal with Sky or BT.

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