Cancel Sky Broadband: Contact Details & Guide

5 min Read Published: 16 Jul 2024

How to cancel Sky broadbandCancelling your broadband contract can seem daunting, but it might be more simple than you think. If Sky Broadband is not living up to your expectations, you think the price is too high or you have seen a better deal elsewhere, you are within your rights to cancel. It is important to be aware that cancelling Sky Broadband when you are in contract is different to cancelling when you are out of contract. In this article we will cover how to cancel Sky Broadband, whether you will have to pay and what to do once you have cancelled.

How to cancel Sky Broadband if you are out of contract

You can cancel your Sky Broadband without needing to pay a fee once you are out of contract. You can find out how long is left on your contract by checking the paperwork in your My Sky account, or by contacting customer services.

Changing providers once you are out of contract is usually a quick and easy process, especially if you are moving from one Openreach provider to another. Sky Broadband works on the Openreach network, so if you are switching to BT, Vodafone, TalkTalk or any other fibre or standard broadband provider, you simply need to sign up with your new company and it will handle the switching process for you. You can find out more about switching your broadband by reading our article ‘How to switch broadband provider’.

If you are moving over to Virgin Media, a mobile broadband provider, or any other package not based on the Openreach network – or you want to cancel your broadband package without signing up for a new one – you will need to contact Sky directly to cancel. It is best to reach out to Sky Broadband at least 14 days before you want the cancellation to be completed.

Cancel Sky Broadband online

The easiest way to contact Sky Broadband to cancel your internet package is likely to be through its online messaging system. Once you are signed into your My Sky account, you can message customer services to request a cancellation. The service is open 9am to 7.30pm, seven days a week and any queries not answered immediately will be logged. This means that even if you log out, your conversation will not get lost. Sky will need some basic information from you to begin the cancellation process, so make sure to provide your full name, account number, address and phone number in any correspondence. Keep in mind that Sky Broadband can only be cancelled by the registered account holder. This means that you may receive a phone call to confirm your identity before your cancellation request is fully processed. If you are switching over to a different broadband service, make sure to notify Sky of the date it is being activated. That way your existing service can end as close as possible to your new one starting.

Cancel Sky Broadband by phone

To cancel over the phone, your best option is to call Sky's cancellation number, 0333 759 3625. For Sky Mobile and Sky Talk customers, calls to Sky contact centres are free.

Cancel Sky Broadband by email

If you would prefer to cancel over email, contact Sky at [email protected].

Cancel Sky Broadband by post

You could even start the cancellation process by writing to Sky. The address you would need to send a letter to is Sky Subscriber Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, EH54 7DD. Any written replies will be sent to the billing address on your Sky Broadband account.

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How to cancel Sky Broadband if you are still in contract

Cancelling Sky Broadband while you are under contract is still a simple process, but it may involve paying a cancellation fee. The exact amount you are charged to cancel will depend on what Sky Broadband package you have and how long is left on your contract. You can find out how much you would need to pay to cancel by contacting Sky Broadband. There are a few scenarios where you would not need to pay a cancellation fee, even if you are still in your contract period.

It is a legal requirement for internet providers to offer customers a 14-day cooling off period. This means that if you cancel up to 14 days after you sign up, you will not need to pay a penalty, though you may need to pay any one-off fees for installation or set up if your service is active. Sky’s policy is a bit more generous than the legal minimum, so UK customers will have a 31-day cooling off period. That means that you can cancel your Sky Broadband up to 31 days after you sign up without paying a penalty.

Remember that while it is possible for your price to rise during your contract period, you will need to be told about any increase above the rate of inflation before you sign up or you can cancel without paying a penalty. Ofcom rules dictate that you have 30 days to cancel your contract for free once you have been notified of a price change. Contact Sky Broadband directly If you think your tariff has been increased unfairly.

You can also cancel Sky Broadband if your household is not receiving the minimum speeds specified in your contract.

How to cancel Sky Broadband if it is too slow

Sky Broadband is signed up to Ofcom’s ‘Broadband Speeds Code of Practice’, which means that you should always be provided with at least the minimum guaranteed speed specified in your contract. If you think your broadband speed is slower than it should be, you should contact Sky Broadband. Sky will then have 30 days to fix the problem – if it is an issue with its network – by arranging an engineer visit or other repairs. If it cannot solve the problem, Sky should give you the opportunity to cancel your contract without paying a penalty.

It is worth noting that the guaranteed speed refers to the broadband speed delivered to your home. What actually reaches your devices could be different as broadband speed can vary around the home. This means that even if a speed test on your phone shows you are receiving well below your minimum speed, Sky will not necessarily need to do anything to help.

You can read more about broadband speeds in our article ‘What broadband speed do I need?’.

Before you cancel Sky Broadband

You do not need to get rid of all of your Sky products just because you want a new broadband package. Think about if there is any other part of your Sky deal you would like to keep. If you are happy with your TV package, you do not need to cancel that in addition to your broadband, as they will be part of separate contracts.

To find out what we think are the best and worst parts of a Sky Broadband deal, read our ‘Sky Broadband review 2022’.

If the reason you want to cancel your Sky Broadband deal is the price, first try calling customer services to haggle. It is logical to think that Sky Broadband would rather offer you a good deal than lose your custom to a competitor. A good starting point would be to compare broadband deals and ask Sky Broadband to match the cheapest deal you can find.

You could also use the ‘Ofcom broadband checker’ to see what speed and type of broadband your home can get.

How to compare broadband deals

It is worth comparing broadband deals online via a comparison site prior to cancelling Sky broadband, so that you know what price you could be paying elsewhere. Comparison sites help you to compare the best deals from multiple broadband providers at once. Results can be filtered by personal preference, usually with options to tailor results by factors including price, speed, reliability, Wi-Fi coverage and customer service. If Sky is then not able to match that price, you could cancel and switch to the cheaper deal.

After you cancel Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband bills in advance, so your last bill will likely cover a period of time after your service has ended. If this is the case, Sky will refund you for the period after you have switched or ended your connection. Any refunds should be back in your bank account within 45 days.

You may also need to return any equipment that you were sent as part of your Sky Broadband deal, such as routers for Wi-Fi extenders.