Money tip #127 – Three websites to slash your food bill

1 min Read Published: 11 Apr 2011

There are lots of ways to try and cut your food bill, from brand downsizing through to economising. But the age of the internet now enables you take the cost cutting battle online. So below I've listed 3 websites which should help you reduce your food shopping bill:

  • - allows you to buy food that is out of date but not yet gone off. According to the Food Standard Agency (FSA) food with a 'best before' date can be consumed after this date but it will not be at its best. Certain foods such  as fish and milk have a 'use by' date as they go off quickly. Obviously it would be dangerous to consume these types of produce when they are passed their best and accordingly avoid these lines. But by buying their short dated lines you could save a packet.
  • - allows you to compare supermarket prices as you shop and get the best possible deal for your groceries. It checks the price of your shopping basket at the likes of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Ocado and tells which is the cheapest. So saving you time and money.
  • - the wonder of globalisation means that the days of only seeing fruit and vegetables on the shelf when they are in season are long gone. But while the produce may be available all year round the price does vary in accordance to when it is in season. So if you stick to buying fruit and vegetables when they were are in season  (and avoid the expensive off-season items) you can cut your food bill. But other than price watching how else can you find out when certain produce is in season? Luckily websites such as tell you and even give you recipe ideas.

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