Sky Stream – Sky’s new streaming service launches but how does it compare?

6 min Read Published: 20 Oct 2022

sky stream review how does it compare

Sky has launched its new streaming service 'Sky Stream' which means that you can access all of Sky's TV services without the need for an engineer visit or the installation of a satellite dish. In this article, we look at Sky's new streaming service in more detail including how it works, how much it costs and how it compares to other streaming services and TV packages.

What is Sky Stream?

Sky Stream is Sky's latest TV package offering but instead of the need for a satellite dish or engineer install, users can connect a Sky Puck to their TV. The Sky Puck is a similar size to Apple TV and connects to your TV via the HMDI cable. Because Sky Stream does not require a satellite dish installation, users get access to their TV package by streaming over WiFi. Sky claims that Sky Stream is 'the most affordable way to get Sky TV and Netflix' and you can start streaming the next day if you order your new Sky Stream before 9pm on a weekday.

Sky Stream's key features

  • Sky TV streamed via WiFi
  • No satellite dish or engineer installation
  • Connect to your TV using Sky Puck via the HDMI slot on your TV
  • Link your Netflix account
  • Access additional streaming apps such as Disney+ and Prime Video
  • Live Restart to restart any show if you missed the beginning
  • Voice control
  • Standard next day delivery if ordered before 9pm Mon - Fri and by 3pm on a Sunday

How does Sky Stream work?

Sky Stream is connected to your TV by a Sky Puck device that is plugged into your HDMI slot on the TV. Like your usual Sky TV, you have to sign up for a Sky TV subscription but you have the choice of a 31-day rolling contract with Sky Stream in addition to the usual 18-month contract. As with other Sky TV packages, this subscription can be tailored to your preference with the option to add additional TV packages including Sky Kids and Sky Sports. The minimum package that you can have is the Sky Ultimate package, which is included with Sky Stream, and it includes Sky Entertainment and Netflix Basic.

Sky Stream requires a WiFi connection in order to work so you will need a broadband connection with a minimum speed of 10mbps. The good news is, however, that this does not have to be a Sky Broadband connection and so you can use Sky Stream with your current broadband service. If you would like to check your existing broadband speed or the best broadband providers in your area, you may find the following articles useful:

Who can get Sky Stream?

Sky Stream is available to new and existing Sky customers. If you are an existing Sky customer, however, you are unable to have two Sky subscriptions running at the same time so you will need to switch your existing Sky subscription and create a new Sky Stream subscription. Once your new Sky Stream subscription is activated you will no longer be billed for your existing subscription. If you transfer to Sky Stream from Sky + or Sky Q you are unable to transfer any recordings but any Buy and Keep purchases are available via the Sky Store app. You will be sent your Sky Puck the next day and your new subscription will be automatically activated in 14 days if you do not activate it prior to this.

If you are an existing Sky Q customer you can switch to Sky Stream but you are unable to get a 31-day rolling contract, you are only able to start a new 18-month contract. You may therefore wish to check how long is left on your existing Sky Q contract before switching.

How much does Sky Stream cost?

How much you pay for your Sky Stream varies depending on the package you choose but it starts from £26 a month. You have two contract options with Sky Stream, a 31-day rolling contract or an 18-month contract. We summarise the prices associated with Sky Stream in the below tables.

Sky Stream contract fees

Sky Stream 18-month contract fees Sky Stream 31-day rolling contract fees
Set up fee £20 £39.95
Monthly fee (includes Entertainment package & Netflix)  £26 £29

(prices subject to change)

Sky Stream TV package fees

Sky Stream 18-month contract fees Sky Stream 31-day rolling contract fees
Sky Entertainment & Netflix  Included in contract Included in contract
Sky Sports  £25 £27
Sky Cinema £11 £13
BT Sport  £30 £30
Sky Kids £6 £6
UHD & Dolby Atmos £6 £6
Whole Home* £12 £12
Upgrade Netflix  Netflix Standard £4/Netflix Premium £8 Netflix Standard £4/Netflix Premium £8

(prices subject to change)

*You can get additional Sky Pucks to watch around the home, the first puck is free 

Sky Stream broadband packages

If you decide to purchase Sky Stream, you don't have to purchase Sky's broadband in order to benefit from the service. Despite this, you can combine the new streaming service with one of Sky's broadband packages. Exactly what Sky broadband you can get will vary depending on where you live but we share an example of the packages on offer and the cost below:

  • Sky Superfast broadband - £17 a month for 18 months with an average download speed of 73-74 Mb/s and an average upload speed of 15-17 Mb/s. £10 set up fee.
  • Sky Ultrafast broadband - £24 a month for 18 months with an average download speed of 135-147 Mb/s and an average upload speed of 22-26 Mb/s. £10 set up fee.
  • Sky Ultrafast Plus broadband - £34 a month for 18 months with an average download speed of 458-502 Mb/s and an average upload speed of 56-58 Mb/s. £10 set up fee.
  • Sky Gigafast broadband - £44 a month for 18 months with an average download speed of 761-908 Mb/s and an average upload speed of 83-97 Mb/s. £10 set up fee.

For more information on Sky's broadband packages read our 'Sky broadband review'.

How does Sky Stream compare?

If you're interested in Sky's new streaming service, we compare it to Sky Glass and Sky Q - the services that Sky already offers - in the below comparison table.

Sky Stream vs Sky Glass vs Sky Q

Sky Stream Sky Glass Sky Q
Monthly cost  £26/month for 18-month contract

£29/month for 31-day rolling contract

Small TV: £13

Medium TV: £18

Large TV: £23

Sky TV contract: £26 or £29/month (first 3 months free)

£26/month (new customer deal)
Set up fee  £20/£39.95 £10 £20
Contract length 31-days or 18-months TV: 48 months

Sky: 31-days or 18-months

18 months
Can be used on any TV tick tick
Record live TV tick
Pause live TV  tick tick tick
Requires broadband connection  tick tick
Voice control  tick tick tick
Access to Netflix  tick tick tick

(prices subject to change) *limits apply 

Sky Stream vs Virgin Media Stream vs BT TV Stream

We have also compared Sky Stream to similar streaming services from BT and Virgin Media. BT's TV box is similar to a Sky Q box but it is exclusive to BT broadband customers. It does offer a BT TV mini box but this is aimed at users that wish to watch BT TV in additional rooms. More information can be found in the following comparison table.

Sky Stream Virgin Media Stream BT TV Box Pro
Monthly cost  £26/£29 £0 but have to purchase a broadband and talk bundle starting from £26 a month Varies depending on area and broadband package
Upfront fee  £20/£39.95 £35 activation fee £30
Contract length 31-days or 18-months 18-months 24-months
Can be used with any broadband tick
Access to on demand services  tick tick tick
Add subscription services e.g Netflix tick tick tick
Record live TV tick
Pause live TV  tick tick tick
10% credit back on every subscription added tick

Pros and Cons of Sky Stream

Pros of Sky Stream

  • Next day delivery as standard if ordered before 9pm Mon - Fri and by 3pm on Sunday
  • No satellite dish or engineer installation required
  • Link Netflix to your Sky account
  • Option for a 31-day rolling contract (only available to new customers)

Cons of Sky Stream

  • Set up fee
  • Uses WiFi connection to stream so unable to watch TV if your broadband is down
  • Content is streamed and therefore if the episode is no longer available online it is not accessible to watch as Sky Stream does not record programmes in the same way as Sky Q
  • Can only be watched at the address your Sky account is billed to


Sky Stream is very similar to Sky Glass which works in the same way by offering access to live TV over WiFi but you are not tied to a Sky TV with the Sky Stream service. One thing to consider is that you are unable to record series in the same way as a standard Sky TV box as although you are bookmarking your favourite programmes they are only available to watch if they are available on the applicable cloud service. Whereas, if you have a regular Sky TV box you can record and store the recording locally on your Sky box.

The addition of Sky Stream to Sky's TV offering does however come with a 31-day rolling contract which is attractive if you do not wish to sign up for a long-term contract. The 31-day rolling contract is not, however, available for existing Sky Q customers that wish to switch to Sky Stream so is something to consider before choosing to switch contracts.

Overall, Sky's new streaming service is great for users that only wish to watch TV over broadband, however, it is worth remembering that it is likely that you will still need a TV licence to watch Sky Stream. If you are unsure as to whether you need a TV licence, read our article 'Do I need a TV licence?' for more information.