Reader’s Question – Can my wife and I each receive the full Basic State Pension?

1 min read Published: 15 Nov 2010


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Reader's Question:

Dear Sir,


We hear about married couples pension but is it possible to have your own state pension. My wife receives her state pension now and I receive mine in 4 years time. I have the correct number of years to qualify for a full state pension in my own right. Therefore will my wife still get what she receives now and I will get my full state pension as well or will we only get the married couples pension .Very confusing ??"


My response:


I know exactly what you mean about confusing. Unfortunately that's pensions for you!

But the goods news is that despite being married you will be treated as individuals and each receive a Basic State Pension based on your own National Insurance records (NI). As you both have full records you should each receive the full Basic State Pension.

The married couple's pension is there to help those married couples where one of them has a reduced state pension as a result of their inadequate NI record.

Don't forget there is a way to get an official forecast of what your Basic State Pension will be. Just read my following article: 'Reader’s Question – How much will my State Pension be?' to find out how

  1. My wife was born in 1952 and i was born in 1950 We have both worked in excess of thirty five years.
    We have been married for 41 years.
    I am self employed and pay full tax and National Insurance. My wife was made redundant two years ago.
    I would reall y appreciate being advised on what pension we will receive from the state.
    Is it a married couples joint allowance or will we each receive a pension.
    Could you please let me know ball park figure what we would each or jointly receive.

    Many Many Thanks Gary and Linda Hand

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