Reader’s Question – Will I be worse off under the new State Pension proposals?

1 min read Published: 11 Mar 2011

Reader's Question:

I did not opt out of SERPS (the state second pension) so I am worried that the government will not pay out because of the proposed changes to the state pension. I calculate that I would be £50 a week worse if they stopped SERPS.


My response:

First of all read my article The new flat-rate state pension proposal explained which answer a few grey areas for you.

But in direct answer to your question, we simply do not know for sure. People who are already receiving their pension should be fine. But those, like you, who have built up entitlement and not yet retired should still hopefully benefit from what they have accrued - but we will only likely find out for certain in the Budget on March 23.

So it's a case of watch this space. Obviously I will cover the topic in detail when an announcement is made and as a newsletter subscriber you will of course get the article delivered straight to your inbox!

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  1. I recieve the top rate in incapacity benefit ,mob allowance with a care allowance will i be worse of when i get my pension ,i am 65 in july

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