Readers’ Questions: NHS and Armed forces pension questions answered

1 min Read Published: 13 Apr 2011

Reader's Question 1

Are the NHS pensioners having an increase this year?

Reader's Question 2

I did not get an increase in my NHS pension last year am I going to get one this year?

My response to both questions:

Yes you should. The NHS pension increases, given each April, are based on the increase in inflation during the 12months up to the preceeding September. In previous years the inflation measure used was the more generous Retail Price Index (RPI). But ' In June 2010 the Government announced that it will link annual pension increases to the rise in the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) from 1 April 2011. This will be calculated based on the rise of the CPI in the 12 months till the end of the previous September. The increase payable in April 2011 will therefore be 3.1%. Please note that you may receive a lower percentage if your pension started on or after 27 April 2010.''

Reader's Question 3

I was in the RAF 1956-1968, do they owe me a small pension?

My Response:

From my understanding you may well be entitled to some sort of pension given that the Armed Forces pension scheme is considered non-contributory (the state pays the cost of the scheme, no direct contributions towards basic benefits are made, however the individual’s pay award is reduced to reflect the value of the pension relative to other comparable schemes)

Your best bet is to contact the pension administrators and ask them the question directly. Their contact details are:

RAF Personnel

RAF Pensions

Pay, Pension and Personnel Administration

Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency

Building 250, RAF Innsworth

Gloucester, GL3 1EZ

Tel: 01452 712612

Good luck and best wishes


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  1. I served in the armed forces for 24 years and have been in the TA for 8 years. in 1999, i contracted a back problem which required an MRI scan, the results showed that my L4 disc was diplaced and deteriated. At the time i did not put in a claim as i was still playing football and the doctor told me to carry on playing as it was doing me no harm. I had asked the doctor how it had happened and he said it was through being an ex infantryman(guardsman), and the constant running with weight on my back and regular footdrill. However it is now starting to cause me problems when bending over at work or doing the garden. this was all noted on my medical records. Am i entitled to make a claim? Regards

    Ian Daly

    1. Ian,

      when you say ‘claim’ I assume you are talking about a legal claim – the ultimate purpose of which would be financial compensation. This is not my area of expertise. So I would suggest that you contact a solicitor or in the first instance the Citizen’s Advice Bureau who might be able to point you in the right direction.

      Best wishes


  2. I served in the Army from 1958 until 1967. Could I been in line for a pension

    1. Yes, more than likely.

      Get in touch with Army Pensions and they will be able to tell you for sure. Contact details are below:

      Army Pensions
      Pay, Pension and Personnel Administration
      Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency
      Mail Point 480, Kentigern House
      65 Brown Street
      Glasgow, G2 8EX
      Tel: 0141 248 7890

      Best Wishes


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