1 min read 19 Feb 2010
Following my earlier post regarding shredding I touched upon protecting yourself against ID theft. But I feel this really is such an important topic in its own right it deserves its own individual post. The directgov website provides useful information on this topic, including how to protect yourself both online and...

5 min Read 19 Feb 2010
The aim of this blog is to help everyone sort their finances. While admittedly some posts will be relevant to some more so than others there will be posts, such as this one, which are truly universal...

2 min Read 18 Feb 2010
December’s Pre-Budget Report (PBR) largely went unnoticed by the general public unless of course you are a pensioner with a love for playing bingo. But Alistair Darling also announced another harebrained scheme, this time one aimed at cutting carbon emissions, reducing fuel bills and providing work for the heating industry. The...

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