ASDA launches ‘ASDA Rewards’ loyalty scheme: How does it work?

2 min Read Published: 16 Aug 2022

ASDA Rewards reviewASDA has this week launched its 'ASDA Rewards' loyalty scheme, following a successful trial across a number of stores in West Yorkshire and the Midlands. In this article, we explain how the new ASDA loyalty programme works and how it compares to other supermarket loyalty schemes including Sainsbury's Nectar Card and Tesco Clubcard.

How does ASDA Rewards work?

The first step is to download the ASDA Rewards app via the Apple App store if you have an Apple device or Google Play store for Android users. You'll then need to register by providing a name, email address and password. Once registered, you'll be able to access all of the money-saving features to start building up your ASDA Rewards Cashpot.

Star Products

You can earn ASDA Pounds by purchasing certain products highlighted in the 'Star products' section of the app. Examples at the time of writing include 10% off ASDA pork chops, 10% off ASDA extra special apples and 10% off ASDA extra special Malbec. Also, look out for 'Super Stars' deals where you can earn bigger rewards which currently include a £2.50 Cashpot credit when you buy a mega pack of Andrex toilet tissue.


Missions allow you to work towards a number of cash bonuses by completing milestones. For example, at the time of writing, you can earn a frozen bonus of £1 if you buy 5 frozen products before 24th August.

ASDA Money Credit Card

You can earn further rewards and grow your Cashpot even further by using the ASDA money credit card. Earn 2% cashback on your ASDA spend for the first 60 days from account opening. Cashback then reverts to 1% cashback on all ASDA spending and 0.3% on everything else. We explain more in our ASDA Money credit card review.

How can I spend my ASDA Rewards?

ASDA Pounds are credited to your Cashpot automatically when shopping online or by scanning your app when you pay at the till in-store. To redeem your ASDA Rewards, you'll need to convert your ASDA Pounds into money off vouchers, which can then be redeemed at the till or online when you pay. It is worth bearing in mind that you'll need to convert your ASDA Pounds into vouchers within 6 months of earning them, otherwise they will expire.

Which is the best supermarket loyalty scheme?

ASDA is just the latest supermarket to offer a loyalty scheme for its customers. Both Sainsbury's and Tesco offer a slightly different type of loyalty scheme, allowing customers to build up points for every purchase they make. It is for this reason that it is difficult to compare the schemes side by side. Ultimately, the best supermarket loyalty scheme is likely to change from week to week as it will depend on the size of your shopping bill and the type of products you buy. Check out our article 'Which is the best supermarket loyalty scheme?' for more information.

ASDA Rewards vs Sainsbury's Nectar Card

Sainsbury's customers can earn Nectar points on every purchase and the rate is 0.5 points for every £1 spent, meaning you'll need to earn 200 Nectar points to receive £1 in rewards. It also allows customers to earn additional points on frequently bought items, for example, at the time of writing I can earn 120 bonus Nectar points if I buy Sainsbury's fairtrade house blend coffee, a reward of 60p. ASDA Rewards is slightly different, allowing customers to build a Cashpot by purchasing certain star products or by completing missions. Customers can increase their Cashpot earnings by opting to pay using the ASDA Money cashback credit card.

ASDA Rewards vs Tesco Clubcard

Tesco customers can earn Clubcard points on every purchase and the rate is 1 Clubcard point for every £1 spent, meaning you'll need to earn 100 Clubcard points to receive £1 in rewards. Tesco Clubcard holders can also access additional exclusive deals in-store. ASDA Rewards allows customers to earn ASDA Pounds on certain selected products by selecting star products or completing missions. Customers can also accelerate their rewards by opting to pay via the ASDA Money cashback credit card.