How much does private health insurance cost?

6 min Read Published: 17 Mar 2023

how much does health insurance cost?The cost of private health insurance is presumed by many to be beyond their means and as such, you may view it as luxury insurance. However, it is worth looking at the real cost of health insurance before you make this assumption. Although as UK residents you are able to access the National Health Service (NHS) for the majority of your medical needs, waiting times for some aspects of public healthcare can cause frustration and this is when access to private healthcare can make a significant difference to diagnosis, treatment and recovery from illness and injury.

In fact, there is a range of private health insurance options to suit different private medical insurance needs and budgets making the cost of private health insurance accessible to a wide range of the population.

So how much does private health insurance cost? In this article, we explain what private health insurance is, what it covers, whether you need it, what it costs and crucially, how to reduce the cost of private medical insurance as well as which private medical insurance companies are best to buy from.

1 minute summary - How much does private health insurance cost?

  • The cost will depend on the insurance company you choose, the type of cover you apply for, the excess you choose, your age, health, claims history and whether you smoke
  • You can receive reduced premiums at renewal with no claims discounts
  • Premiums range from roughly £25 to £100 per month
  • Most private medical insurance policies provide private GP appointments, specialist referrals, diagnostic testing and medical treatment
  • You can usually access top surgeons and hospitals, specialist drugs and treatment that may not be available on the NHS
  • Many policies include additional therapies such as physiotherapy and mental health support.
  • Always shop around for the best deal
  • Access an instant online health insurance quote* or speak to an independent expert who can find you the best and cheapest health insurance plan
  • You will receive £100 cashback if you buy your health insurance this way – the offer ends on 31 May 2023.

What is private health insurance?

Private health insurance provides you with quick access to private medical staff and facilities, enabling you to be seen faster than on the NHS. With private health insurance, you can often be referred, diagnosed and treated within a matter of days. If treatment is required you will often be given your own room with ensuite facilities, round-the-clock visiting hours and even access to treatment and drugs that are not available through the NHS.

What does private health insurance cover?

One of the frustrations with private health insurance is that the insurance companies that provide it have made it unnecessarily complicated. Firstly, there are different levels of cover you can buy which can broadly be described as basic, intermediate and comprehensive, each offering varying levels of cover. Next, you will need to choose an excess you would be willing to pay should you make a claim (similar to car insurance) and finally, when it comes to applying, you will have to choose between applying on a full medical underwriting basis or a moratorium basis. We explain all of these options in more detail in our article “How to compare the best insurance policies in the UK”. Below, we have provided a summary of the main features of a private health insurance policy:

  • Private GP appointments
  • Specialist consultations
  • Speedy consultation, diagnosis and treatment
  • Access to top surgeons 
  • Access to private hospitals
  • Likely to get a private room with ensuite facilities
  • Access to specialist drugs and treatment that may not be available on the NHS
  • Physiotherapy
  • Mental health support

Is private health insurance worth the cost?

Only you can answer that question. You would need to weigh up your reasons for considering the cover. If you are happy with the standard of care provided by the NHS and are happy to wait to receive treatment then there would be no need to purchase health insurance.

By buying private health insurance you are effectively skipping the queue and gaining quick access to private medical staff and facilities as well as the potential to receive alternative drugs and treatment. You should always check with a health insurance broker if you have an existing medical condition as some health insurance providers may include cover for it while others may exclude claims for it. You'll find information about how to arrange this later in the article.

Private health insurance comes at a cost however and is usually the key factor for most when determining whether it is worth purchasing. It can be sensible to weigh up the potential cost of time off work if you were to fall ill and find yourself waiting for medical referrals and treatment through the NHS.

Take, for instance, that the statutory waiting time for knee replacement surgery is 18 weeks but at the time of writing, reports suggest that over 2 million patients are waiting longer than the statutory waiting time. This can be costly for many and can have a great impact on your daily life and is particularly costly for those who are self-employed. We give some examples of how much health insurance costs later in this article.

What can impact the cost of private health insurance?

The cost of health insurance is impacted by multiple factors and so it is important that you understand what these factors are and more importantly, how you can use this information to determine the cost of private health insurance as well as how to cut down the cost of your premiums.

Factors that can impact the cost of your health insurance premiums are:

  • the insurance company you choose
  • the type of cover you apply for (basic, intermediate or comprehensive)
  • the excess you choose
  • your age
  • your medical history
  • your claims history
  • whether you smoke

How much does private health insurance cost?

The cost of health insurance will vary based on your personal information and the choices you make within your health insurance cover will affect the cost of private health insurance for you. Although it is difficult to provide exactly what private health insurance will cost you, we can give you a guide to average costs based on your age group and smoker status.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that you get the best possible health insurance cover for the cheapest monthly premium is to speak to an independent specialist and we explain how to do that in the next section.

Cost comparison – Health insurance for a 25-year-old non-smoker

Policy Type £0 Excess £250 Excess £500 Excess £1,000 Excess
Basic £35 £32 £29 £30
Intermediate £55 £39 £36 £33
Comprehensive £80 £58 £51 £41

Cost comparison – Health insurance for a 35-year-old non-smoker

Policy Type £0 Excess £250 Excess £500 Excess £1,000 Excess
Basic £40 £35 £31 £28
Intermediate £60 £47 £41 £35
Comprehensive £85 £67 £55 £46

Cost comparison – Health insurance for a 45-year-old non-smoker

Policy Type £0 Excess £250 Excess £500 Excess £1,000 Excess
Basic £63 £51 £45 £35
Intermediate £80 £65 £57 £43
Comprehensive £115 £90 £75 £67

Cost comparison – Health insurance for a 55-year-old non-smoker

Policy Type £0 Excess £250 Excess £500 Excess £1,000 Excess
Basic £88 £82 £68 £58
Intermediate £108 £105 £77 £67
Comprehensive £151 £130 £117 £90

The quotes above are based on the average cost across multiple providers and so to guarantee the best price for your own circumstances you should speak to an independent specialist* who can search the whole of the market on your behalf. Not only can they guarantee to find you the best quote, but they can also help with the application process and even provide guidance on how to reduce the cost of private health insurance by making smart choices and tailoring the cover options. See the next section for more details.

How to buy the cheapest and best health insurance policy

It is likely that when it comes to health insurance providers, you will have heard of the likes of Axa Health, Bupa and Vitality, but there are many other lesser-known companies that provide excellent private health insurance and so we would always recommend that you do a comprehensive comparison before you commit to one insurer. With so many health insurance companies to choose from, people often make the mistake of going with the company that comes up first on a comparison site search, however, in many cases, this can be a costly mistake.

The best way to buy private health insurance is to speak to a specialist adviser as they will be able to find you the best policy for your specific priorities.

For example, you can provide an independent specialist with your budget amount and they will shop around to find you the most comprehensive cover to fit that budget. If you wish to cover your children under your private health insurance, they will make recommendations that are more likely to give your children a good level of cover at the best cost too. Choices such as hospital lists can significantly reduce the monthly premiums for your private health insurance and a health insurance adviser will explain which choices will save you money without limiting the access to private healthcare you desire.

We have partnered with one of the UK's leading private health insurance comparison specialists* in order to provide you with not just the cheapest, but the most comprehensive types of insurance to suit your budget and priorities.

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