3 min Read 01 Apr 2010
This morning there have been calls for Alistair Darling to resign after the publication of a leaked Downing Street memo in which the Chancellor lays out his plans to massage the UK’s inflation figures. The memo also contains detailed plans which effectively make homeowners liable for the national debt to...

1 min read 29 Mar 2010
On Monday 29th March Channel 4 will stage a live debate between the would-be Chancellors, Alistair Darling, George Osborne and Vince Cable. Krishnan Guru-Murthy will be asking the tough questions. This could be interesting viewing as these three gentlemen will have a say in your future finances and the upcoming Election.

1 min read 26 Mar 2010
'Glad to see the honourable member for Brent North East slept during the Chancellors speech and he's woken up for my reply, do you know where we are today?' David Cameron practises his stand-up routine during his response at this week's Budget.

6 min Read 25 Mar 2010
UPDATE 23/06/2010 - this post relates to the pre-election budget. For the latest emergency budget analysis click on the following links Emergency Budget at a glance and also Basic rate tax-payers will get a nasty CGT shock following the Emergency Budget) Yesterday’s Budget was uneventful for the majority of people and was...

4 min Read 24 Mar 2010
Anyone who has followed the pre-Budget predictions on this blog (and there were a lot of you) won’t have been surprised by what Mr Darling had to say. When I played Chancellor (see my post Budget predictions – part 2) I concluded that I wouldn’t raise taxes more than already...

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