1 min read 19 Mar 2010
"If those people came out here, they wouldn't like to be treated like we are treated." Eric Rogers speaking on the hardship of his retirement in sunny Sydney following the news that the European Court of Human Rights backed the British Government's decision not to pay ex-pats yearly increases on their pensions.

1 min read 12 Mar 2010
Question: Who said the following quote on 29th December 1989? ''We end this year and decade with the worst deficit in our history, the worst in Europe, simply as a result of the measures taken by this Government'' Answer: Gordon Brown

1 min Read 09 Mar 2010
The UK's goods trade deficit with the rest of the world unexpectedly widened to its biggest since August 2008 in January. And exports saw their sharpest drop in more than three years, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). So why is the news of an increased trade deficit...

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