2 min Read 08 Jun 2010
George Osborne will begin a "once-in-a-generation" drive to rein in government expenditure and he is calling on the public to help. The Chancellor is set to wield his axe on Whitehall spending as he starts a five month review of departmental budgets for the next three years. He urged the public to...

1 min read 04 Jun 2010
''I’m a former drug addict, and instead of dying, I’ve gone on and f****d everyone, and made loads of money'' Russell Brand sums up his life for an American interviewer while promoting his latest film role.

1 min Read 28 May 2010
It can not have escaped many of you that today was the UK launch of Apple's iPad. This week, whilst Apple nerds were foaming at the mouth at the prospect of owning the latest Apple 'must have' device, APPLE has overtaken Microsoft to become the world’s largest technology company by...

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