3 min Read 10 Jun 2015
The bond market has thrown a tantrum so where do I invest now? The 27th April 2015 could become a significant date in the history of investing. It was around that date that the bond market started throwing a tantrum and we subsequently experienced a significant sell-off, the like of which hasn’t...

7 min Read 14 May 2015
Should you buy into the Chinese equity rally? To give you a sense of the strength of the recent rally in Chinese equities the chart below compares the returns a UK investor would have achieved had they invested in Chinese equities versus those in the US and the UK over the last...

3 min Read 06 Feb 2015
New Neil Woodford fund launch The investment fund industry has been doing backflips over news that Neil Woodford is to launch a new investment trust in April. The former Invesco Perpetual fund manager left the company to launch his own fund the CF Equity Income fund. Woodford Investment Management has announced...

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