Best investing apps in the UK – how to invest from your mobile

7 min Read Published: 11 Sep 2020

the best investment apps in the uk

It is now possible to manage your investments on the go with an investment app, meaning you can keep an eye on your investments at any time, no matter where you are. Below we look at some of the best investing apps in the UK and the pros and cons of each. All of the apps are free to download but you will be charged additional fees if you choose to invest with the company. We go into more details on the fees below.

Nutmeg - good for fee-free investing for 12 months

  • Minimum investment of £500 (£100 on a Junior ISA or Stocks and Shares Lifetime ISA)
  • Choose between three investment styles, 'socially responsible', 'fixed allocation' or 'fully managed'
  • Invest in a Stocks & Shares ISA, Stocks & Shares Lifetime ISA, Junior ISA, Pension, General Investment Account
  • FCA registered and money is protected by FSCS

Nutmeg fees

  • No set-up, trading, transaction or exit fees
  • Account management fee ranging from 0.25%-0.75% depending on portfolio type
  • Investment funds fees

For more information and a total breakdown of Nutmeg's fees (including an exclusive offer of no management fees for 12 months) read our Nutmeg review.

Wealthify* - good for competitive charges

  • Invest from £1 (£50 for a Wealthify pension)
  • Choose to be a cautious, tentative, confident, ambitious or adventurous investor
  • Set investment goals
  • Withdraw money with no penalty
  • FCA registered and money is protected by FSCS

Wealthify fees

  • Annual management fee of 0.60%
  • Fund charges (an average of 0.22% for original plans and 0.66% for ethical plans)

For more information on Wealthify read our independent Wealthify Review.

Wealthsimple* - good for low cost (First £10,000 managed for free for a year)

  • No minimum investment (except for its socially responsible portfolio which has a minimum of £5,000)
  • Choose from 3 different risk levels 'Conservative', 'Balanced', 'Growth'
  • 3 different accounts with different prices and benefits based on investment amounts - 'Basic', 'Black' and 'Generation'
  • Invest in a Pension, Stocks & Shares ISA, Junior Stocks & Shares ISA, or a Personal account
  • FCA registered and money is protected by FSCS

Wealthsimple fees

  • Annual fees from 0.5%-0.7%
  • Additional charges averaging of 0.20%

For more information and a total breakdown of Wealthsimple's fees (including an exclusive offer of the first £10,000 of your money managed for free) read our Weathsimple review.

Moneyfarm* - good for tailored investing

  • Investment advice on hand
  • Fully-managed portfolios
  • Receive an investor profile tailored to you based on your investment knowledge, wealth and attitude to risk
  • Invest with a Pension, Stocks & Shares ISA and General Investment account
  • Offers a free pension drawdown service

Moneyfarm fees

  • Management fee between 0.35% - 0.75%
  • Fund fee 0.20%
  • Transaction costs up to 0.09%
  • No setup fees and no trading fees

For more information on Moneyfarm read our independent Moneyfarm Review.

Plum - good for beginners

  • Invest from £1
  • Invest in tech, ethical companies and emerging markets
  • Choose between a list of funds with varying risk levels
  • Plum is authorised and regulated by the FCA

Plum fees

  • A monthly fee of £1 (this is only charged when there is money invested with Plum)
  • 0.15% fee on investment value
  • Fund fees that vary from 0.08% - 0.90%

For more information on Plum read our Plum Review.

Wombat - good for small investments

  • Invest with just £10
  • Tailor your investment portfolio based on your lifestyle and interests
  • Wombat is an appointed representative of FCA registered company P1 Investment Management Ltd
  • Your money is FSCS protected
  • Invest your spare change

Wombat fees

  • Free account up to £1,000 - you only pay fund provider fees (0.07% to 0.70%)
  • For accounts over £1,000, a £1 a month subscription fee is automatically charged, as well as an annual platform fee of 0.45% and fund provider fees (0.07% - 0.70%)

Freetrade - good for a free share

  • No fees for basic investing accounts
  • Refer a friend within the app and you both get a free share worth up to £200
  • Authorised and regulated by the FCA
  • FSCS protection
  • Buy US and UK stocks and ETFs

Freetrade pricing

  • Free basic trades
  • Free instant trades
  • Stocks and Shares ISA £3 a month
  • FX rate of spot (immediate) rate + 0.45%
  • Freetrade Plus account option for £9.99 a month

Trading 212 - good for trading

  • Free trading
  • Large choice of assets
  • Useful video guides
  • Authorised and regulated by the FCA
  • FSCS protection
  • Buy US and UK stocks and ETFs

Trading 212 pricing

  • Free trades
  • Free ISA
  • 0.5% currency conversion charge

Moneybox - good for investing your spare change

  • Invest from £1
  • Invest your spare change using the 'round-up' function
  • Choose between 'cautious', 'balanced' and 'adventurous' risk levels
  • Invest in simple tracker funds
  • FCA registered and money is protected by FSCS
  • Invest in a Stocks & Shares ISA, Stocks & Shares Lifetime ISA, Pension, General Investment Account, Junior ISA, Socially Responsible Fund
  • Save in a 45 or 95 day Notice Account, Cash Lifetime ISA

Moneybox fees

  • A monthly fee of £1 if investing
  • Annual charge of 0.45% of investment value
  • Additional fund management charges 0.12% - 0.30%
  • No fees to save with Moneybox

These are just a few of the investing apps available on the market at the moment. If you do not like the look of any of the above investment apps, other investment platforms such as AJ Bell, Evestor, Interactive Investor, Hargreaves Lansdown, Vanguard and many others also offer apps for investors to use.

For more information on the best investment platforms and their fees, see our Best Buy Tables.



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