Top 7 must have MONEY apps

2 min Read Published: 10 May 2013

Controlling your finances has never been easier with hundreds of  money based apps  now available for your smartphone. Here I  have saved you time by choosing my top money apps to help you on your way to financial freedom.

Spending Tracker (free)

The fact is that if you track your spending you are more likely to keep within your budget and therefore save money.

Here are some of the features available in this simple app:

  • simple interface that helps you track spending quickly and easily
  • choose to track spending weekly, monthly or yearly
  •  option to set a budget to help control spending
  • overview of your current spending as well as move back and forth in time
  • ability to repeat transactions daily, weekly or monthly (upgrade required)
  • editable income and expenditure categories
  • quality interactive charts
  • compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Currency Converter Plus (free)

When you are on holiday it is often difficult to convert the local currency quickly. This handy app will give you quick currency conversion more easily ensuring  you are clear on the prices you are paying.

  • 191 currencies available
  • online rates update
  • unique feature that can calculate bill payments in more than one currency and let you know the change you should receive, great for restaurants that accept two currencies
  • edit currency rates
  • large keyboard and high contrast layout
  • compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

UK Tax Calculator (free)

Make sure you are paying the correct amount of tax on your income with this handy little calculator.

  • used for those with single or multiple incomes
  • includes PAYE and self employed calculators
  • includes salary comparison tool
  • updated for each tax year
  • includes Student Loan calculations
  • includes calculations for three different pension schemes as well as salary sacrifice
  • compatible with iPhone, iPhone touch and iPad

Debt Manager (£1.49p)

This great little app will help you to organize, track and pay off all your debts in the cheapest and fastest possible way.

  • Uses the 'Debt Snowball' method which means paying off your most expensive rate first and then making bigger payments on the next dearest and so on
  • summary includes progress bar and debt free date together with your interest savings
  • handles monthly weekly and fortnightly payments
  • try out various 'what if' scenarios
  • set of calculators included
  • passcode protected
  • interactive reports with easy visualisation of debt breakdown
  • compatible with iPhone, iPod touch  iPad (free)

Get the best money saving vouchers on everything from restaurants to shops to great days out.

  • all vouchers appear on your smartphone for in-store redemption
  • savings of up to 50% available
  • just download and the offers will appear automatically
  • compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android and Windows

eBay (free)

Tap into the world's largest marketplace, and make money by selling unwanted items, with the official eBay app

  • buy and sell items
  • compare prices set up notifications and bid alerts
  • saved searches and saved sellers allows you to easily access your favourite items
  • share items with friends via email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter
  • streamlined checkout flow makes paying for your items faster and easier than ever
  • compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry

TopCashback (free)

Use this app when you are shopping either online or offline in order to get discounts (as cashback or vouchers) in over 3,700 shops.

  • discounts from retail, insurance, travel and utilities 
  • click through to the partner sites direct from the app
  • no annual fees or charges
  • Favourite Merchants List available
  • compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Windows